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The bottom line: fresh content from an experienced writer + editor + strategist. While others in math class were groaning about story problems, I would gleefully read about Juan and his oranges or Rebecca and her favorite pencils. When Juan gave away four of his oranges, instead of focusing on the math, I would play the scene out in my mind. Was it a benevolent Juan rewarding kind and loyal friends with his coveted oranges? Or maybe he was spiteful, giving away ruined, bitter fruits. I loved digging into the logic of the problems, sure, but what really interested me was the backstory. It...

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Is Producing a Sustainable Career?

News Release/Blog Post written following original research on film producing as a career. The article links to the report I also created after carrying out the research. The post digs into key highlights from the results, surve...

No One Likes a Mean Girl but We’ll Still Watch Her: Making a Place for Dark Triad Characters

(excerpt) No One Likes a Mean Girl, but We'll Still Watch Her: Dark Triad Characters Let's say you're driving along, minding your business, and that inevitable asshole is zooming in and out of traffic and they cut you off. Ho...

8 Things to Know About Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool

What are the secrets to building a great social media marketing infrastructure within our organization? Well, they're not so secret, but the following eight points will help our teams understand the basics behind social med...

Charting New Media on a Vulnerability Spectrum

(Excerpt from a longer piece) # The Vertical Axis - Vulnerability and Safety Evolutionary psychologists would say that avoiding risk is likely what kept our ancestors alive long enough to procreate to eventually lead us to th...

Get to Know the Great Lakes through FieldScope

If you were to pour out a bucket of water in your yard, do you know where it would eventually go? Great Lakes FieldScope, a new interactive mapping tool, will help you explore what happens to that water. Great Lakes FieldScope ...

Green Report: Stimulus Dollars Intended to Give Jolt to Alternative Energy Projects

On a recent road trip, Tyler Steele spotted something he'd like to see more of. "Outside of Cleveland, I saw three semis, each about 75 feet long with giant wind turbine parts," he said. "I don't know where they were going, but...

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