Patricia S

Patricia S

Los Angeles, California, United States

After nearly 17 years as a Business Development Analyst for one of the world's largest corporate law firms, Patricia Steffy turned her attention to travel and creative writing endeavors. As the author of more than 500+ travel articles, Steffy has been published in

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Tips for Navigating Your First Acupuncture Session

The practice of acupuncture is continuing to gain momentum and fans in the United States though it has long been thought beneficial in other parts of the world. Proponents have recommended it as a ...

Enjoy the relaxed charm of Avila Beach

Just down the coast from Morro Bay, and approximately 160 miles northwest of Los Angeles sits the tiny coastal town of Avila Beach. Recovered from an oil spill that plagued it in the 1990s, this ch...

Things to Do in Temecula and Murrieta, California

Located less than 100 miles southeast of Los Angeles, Temecula and Murrieta, California, are known for two things: natural beauty and vineyards. From hiking in the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Res...

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