Jed R

Portland, Oregon, United States

I am a seasoned namer, writer, and brand strategist. While at first I hoped to study brains, branding has allowed me to explore a different type of neuroscience, boggling minds with no microscope required. Whether I'm developing a visionary company name or writing precise, energetic copy, my process is an exhaustive science, leaving no creative stone unturned. As a namer, I independently name and rename both products and companies, develop strategic, memorable taglines. I have experience with every aspect of brand creation, from crafting persuasive pitches and strategy to generating hundreds of concepts, shortlisting, and presenting candidates in bold, graphical contexts. When the brand calls for more than a name, I write strategic content to convey sophisticated personalities and brand archetypes. Regardless of the project, my deep experience with the intricacies of language allow me to breathe life into any brand's identity.

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