Shari M

Shari M

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

I've been a writer my entire life. I've written everything from young adult fiction, to romance novels, to non-fiction relationship books. I have worked as a reporter and photographer for a military newspaper and done marketing for many organizations.

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Writing samples by Shari M ...

Murder in the First's Mo McRae

You might be most familiar with Mo McRae as Tyler in "Sons of Anarchy," but wait until you see him as the unofficial Mayor of the Streets, Malcom "Suger" Monroe, in "Murder in the First." Set in Sa...

Suffragette shines a light on a critical human rights saga.

Suffragette wasn't a movie I would have gone to see had I not been given the opportunity to screen it for Moviepilot. However, had I followed my gut, I would have missed out on a film that spok...