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Saturated Fat is Better Than You Think But Still Bad

**Scientific research has shown that the risks associated with fat are misunderstood and misleading. Here's what new studies are showing about fat intake.** Recent nutritional research is finding that saturated fat intake h...

Yoga Etiquette: What Athletic Wear Options Exist for Men Into Mindfulness?

**What sort of athletic wear exists for men interested in Yoga?** Approximately 72 percent of Yoga participants are women. Partially because of this divide, Yoga pants are a much more established clothing trend for women than m...

Pack Your Lunch With Fresh Whole Foods

**Whole foods are practically designed to be packed into delicious healthy lunches. Here's how to start packing better lunches today.** Fall is a great time to ditch the boxes and cans to create lunches with fresh, whole fo...

Alleviating Patients' Fear of Electronic Health Records

** Healthcare providers need electronic health records. Patients need to feel comfortable with their medical information. Here's how to satisfy both groups.** Although electronic health records (EHRs) provide great benefits...

The Life of a Plastic Surgeon: Applying Precision Artistry

The life of a plastic surgeon is never dull. Each patient's case is unique, requiring a precise attention to detail to complement the technical ability of this practice. Jason Roostaeian, MD, a plastic surgeon and assistant...

4 Heart Healthy Foods that Can Help You Through Cancer Treatment

Nutrition plays an important role in your overall health, especially during cancer treatment. What you eat can help or hurt your recovery and how you feel during and after treatment. Cancer treatments can be rough on your body ...

Hold End-of-Life Conversations Early to Build a Treatment Plan around Patient Values

As a physician, you strive to provide your patients with the best medical care possible – to manage their chronic diseases, to send their cancer into remission, to rehabilitate them after a stroke. But when is it too much? Do y...

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