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About Jay E.

Freelance Writer, Editor and Private Tutor with extensive experience in multiple fields, I use my background in small-press publishing and non-profit advocacy to support the free expression of ideas through new media, new writing and new enterprises worthy of quality creative marketing.
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As a private tutor with extensive experience in ADHD coaching, learning disabilities, and educational innovations, I have often written and consulted on the subject of adaptive curriculum, which this article describes.

ADHD and Private Tutoring: Tailor-Made Strategies
You’re a professional tutor and there never seems to be enough time during the sessions. Even in the small space of the meeting room it is often difficult to maintain your student’s attention. If t...

Worked in the publishing industry for several years, wrote a column on small press developments, and continue to act as a liaison between local authors and small press publishers. This article was first published in the Rearguard, a monthly alternative newspaper, in Winter of 2008/2009, and was later revised and updated for a blog. I chose this article because an edited version was accepted by Scripted for specialization in publishing and literature.

Redeveloping Identity in the Developing World
After decades of war and economic depression, the new century has brought a new literature to the surface of the Balkan Peninsula. With the fall of former Yugoslavia, writers previously kept impris...