Francisco K

Francisco K

San Francisco, California, United States

I'm a B2B DIr. Marketing at a software company in San Francisco who loves to communicate persuasively on business topics. Cybersecurity, infrastructure, marketing and B2B in general are my favorites. I have a technical undergraduate background and an MBA, both from Top Ten U...

Customer Ratings 10
$1.01K Earned
10 Customer Favorites
100% Job Acceptance
100% Followed Guidelines
50% Customer Happiness

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The Why in IPA

Why IPA? It seems like eons ago when an IPA was a novel find at your local brewpub or beer specialty store. Now, a "stout" India Pale Ale is as easy to find as Sam Adams in Boston. But to really a...

Unsung Heroes of Cybersecurity

Security teams are the rarely thanked defenders of today's digital lifestyles. In peak performance, they are invisible. Only when problems arise do people tend to take notice. Think of a day w...

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