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Brett L

Los Angeles, California, United States

Throughout my twenty-four years of life, my passion for entertainment and the arts has been a constant that never died, through thick and thin. While writing a summary, I could list my successes of being published on multiple platforms for the world to see, but I rather write what gets me through any task of any genre. In my eyes, work is more than just a task at hand, it is an opportunity to serve a purpose in maintaining a result of satisfaction for the reader. Much of my writing experience comes from writing content for multiple sites, creating articles, and songwriting for myself and other artists. Versatility is the best word I use to describe myself when it comes to writing because I can edit, do research, write essays, stories, anything you name it! With that being said, I look forward to working with you to bring you only the best!

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Valerie N

Charleston, South Carolina, United States

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Valerie S

Königsbrunn, Bayern, Deutschland

While I am always happy to write about any kind of topic, my specialty is finding ways to communicate complex issues and subjects in a clear and engaging way. If you need someone to take a dull and long-winded description or a convoluted mess of information and transform it into an appealing easy read, tailored to your specific audience and SEO needs, I will make it happen. Having spent two and a half years in the marketing department of a publisher and media retailer and three years as a research assistant, I like to use my versatile skills and experiences to come up with a unique perspective and the matching tone for all kinds of subjects and purposes.

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