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Michelle H Last online 1 day

Sarasota, Florida, United States

Stop banging your head! Hire Michelle to write your blog, social media posts, web pages, technical articles, ebooks and other content. She has 15+ years' experience, and her writings are always original and written to inform, educate, entertain and/or persuade target audiences. She can tackle any topic but is a content expert in science, entomology, healthcare, environment, education, green, technology, travel, motorsports, photography, animals, leadership, management, marketing, design, startups, finance and artificial intelligence. Michelle has a PhD w/ finance specialization (expected in 2019), an MPhil in management-finance, an MS in marketing and communication, a BA in pre-med biology and additional grad-level educational and certifications. Her background is diverse, as she has held positions in everything from design and teaching to patient care and retail. Michelle enjoys showing people how to be successful entrepreneur and educating families about nature (especially bugs). You can find her volunteering, traveling abroad, bullet journaling, learning to belly dance, drawing, riding her motorcycle and playing the guitar every chance she gets.

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I'm a freelance writer and content marketer. From writing content for social networks to blog posts, emails, and copywriting - I have a strong motivation to create great website content and a vibrant social presence for my clients. In my spare time, I am a professional lifestyle and travel photographer.

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