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Vaibhav B Last online about 12 hours

London, England, United Kingdom

A proficient writer with more than 5 years of experience in digital content creation, who has worked with prestigious clients such as Educomp in the past. Well-known in ghostwriting circles, he now has a byline to his name as well. He has created content for children's books, ...

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65% Customer Happiness

Karin Louzado is a freelance writer, content marketer and translator who left the corporate world (where she worked as Sr. Marketing Director for the world's leading sports brands) to become a globetrotting entrepreneur. She specialises in business, travel and parenting writin...

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$237 Earned
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67% Job Acceptance

Pete S

East Windsor, New Jersey, United States

I'm the digital marketing manager at a digital agency in New Jersey. I'm also a published author and former sports writer.

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$490 Earned
2 Customer Favorites
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