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Hi there! I’m Mary, and I love to tell stories and communicate via video, multimedia content, and the written word. I am a recent college graduate with a BA in Film and Media Studies, English, and Creative Writing. The most important aspect of creative storytelling to me is the balance between narrative consistency and ingenuity—namely, how I can consistently surprise myself and others with the work I do. I think creative storytelling is the fabric of what can make the human qualities of our world more beautiful. Stories connect, stories inspire, and stories motivate, and I’m passionate about helping you tell yours. As a very detailed and method-oriented person, I thrive on the entire writing process, from the big picture to the small details. I have a firm grasp on today's media culture, specifically where media and writing can (and should!) intersect to help your business grow. Please get in touch if you feel you could use my skills and enthusiasm on your team!

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