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Jenn G Last online about 17 hours

Boothbay, Maine, United States

Jenn has been working as a freelance writer since 1999, and she's been keeping the books for her husband's residential building contracting business since 2004. Some of her past experiences include working as a finance clerk, an art teacher, preschool teacher, and substitute teacher. She also briefly held office as a Selectmen (Select Woman!). Her Scripted contributions include articles, blog posts, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, website content, white papers, and more.

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Jake W Last online 2 days

I've spent nearly my entire career in B2B and technology marketing. I'm a former technology reporter for CBS Radio, where I covered such trends as wearables, IoT, commercial drones, driverless cars, security breaches, biometrics, and Net neutrality. I've worked with the Comcast's and Samsung's of the world as well as small startups you've probably never heard of: when developing content, company size doesn't matter. Content provides a company with a voice, which when done right, not only gets the company found via SEO but convinces the reader to engage further and consider becoming a customer. I'm happy to discuss strategies to really make your content shine and work harder for you.

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