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Cathy L

Cathy L Last online 31 minutes

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Elizabeth T

Elizabeth T Last online 40 minutes

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James E Last online about 16 hours

Blackwater, England, United Kingdom

I am an experienced copywriter with a reputation for delivering high-quality long-form content. I have worked with a wide variety of brands - including Shutterstock, SAP, and eBay - to create content that communicates expertise, generates trust, and builds brand loyalty. I specialize in helping businesses communicate complex topics in language their customers understand, cutting through the jargon to deliver a clear, relevant message. In particular, I focus on technology, business and marketing topics. My particular areas of knowledge include: Technology - IT, SaaS, Web Design & Development, Cloud Computing, Cryptocurrency and Data Science. Business - Finance, Banking, Management, Personal Finance, Crowdfunding, and Investing Marketing - Lead Generation, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, and Advertising (including both B2B and B2C) Please contact me through the Scripted system if you wish to discuss a project.

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Krista H Last online 16 minutes

Krista graduated from the University of Guelph where she studied psychology and neuroscience. Still active in her research, she now focuses on all aspects of health — both mental and physical. Based on her strong research skills, she is confident in a wide range of topics. Her specialties are health, nutrition, neuroscience, and business. She also owns a small business, which is most certainly her creative outlet!

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