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Curtis F

Curtis F Last online about 11 hours

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Jennifer C Last online 39 minutes

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Jayne T Last online about 18 hours

Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Jayne is a seasoned copywriter, business writer and blog editor specializing in business, finance, real estate, HR and law. Her by-lined and ghost written articles have appeared on the websites Women in Business, Housemaster, Active Rain and Source Con, to name just a few. She worked as a lawyer in a former life and holds postgraduate degrees in business and law. They even come in useful, sometimes.

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Daniella J Last online about 7 hours

Daniella Johnson is a freelance SEO copywriter and marketer. I am a seasoned content curator for product reviews, white papers, marketing copies, educative articles, press releases, and so much more. I have a B.A in Education from California Pacific University and currently pursuing a Masters in Psychology. I believe that no human is limited. My work is centered on honesty, integrity and professionalism.

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