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Tiffany strives to be a bowling ball crashing against the ping-pong paddles of consumer indifference. When writing for her clients, she considers everything – from the aesthetic of the typography, to the reverberation of the right word, to the weight of a well-crafted line. She knows the power of good copywriting is that it stirs emotion, calls its reader to action, and creates an abiding cognitive trail long after sexy marketing trends soak back into the ether. Tiffany has been writing professionally, as a copywriter and a journalist, for the last 9 years. She has a Master of Arts in English from the University of Colorado Denver.

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Dawn M

New Jersey, United States

Dawn Miller is a freelance writer and mystery author that lives in New Jersey.

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I consider myself a digital native and an early adopter of social media. My professional career started in 2010. I worked as a social media manager for an international process improvement firm. After two years, I joined a small agency (Sitewire) as a content strategist, which helped me sharpen my skills as a digital professional. I have a unique combination of digital marketing experience (developing holistic campaigns for Golf Channel, Kroger, and Aetna) coupled with an intuitive understanding of social media. In my current role, I lead the editorial strategy and creative direction for Pride.com and oversee the social media program for Here Media's entire portfolio of LGBT brands, including Out magazine, Out Traveler, The Advocate, Here TV and Plus magazine.

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If you need content, I’m your guy! I have covered domestic politics and policies at all levels of government. In addition, I cover local business developments as well. I was a reporter delivering news on local and state government, health and economic policies, and the federal response to housing, financial, and student debt issues, before focusing on the cannabis industry.

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