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Dane S

San Diego, California, United States

I graduated from the University of California, San Diego with degrees in History and the Study of Religion. Writing has always been my calling — I immediately began a career in copywriting and never looked back. I’ve worked as a professional copywriter for nearly ten years and have published work in the fields of travel, technology, fitness, finance, and education. After earning a certification in TEFL from the University of Cambridge, I taught English internationally for several years. As of 2019, I live and work in Southern California.

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Erin Forst, JD/MAcc, connects small and mid-sized business owners with the services they need to grow, boost their profits, and pay less in taxes. He has worked with companies of all sizes ranging from solo practitioners to Fortune 500 companies. He uses his industry expertise to add valuable insights and tips to your content, adhere to the ethical/professional standards required by regulated industries, and avoid the technical errors made by general writers without similar background knowledge. He uses his years of experience in the SEO and marketing industry to create content that ranks and converts in all business cycles. Availability: Erin F. is a full-time freelancer available Monday through Friday. Pricing: Varies based on complexity. Please request a pitch.

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South Bend, Indiana, United States

I'm a programmer and writer; I've worked as a software developer at MIT and I have a BA in history from Yale. When I write I generally combine these interests by focusing on tech, business, and financial writing.

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The best way to find the perfect internal audit content writer for your business is to read writing samples they have published in the past. All Scripted writers offer writing samples to potential clients to showcase their talent and experience. Check out these blog posts from a few of our internal audit writers:

Restaurants: Implementing Internal Accounting Controls

Restaurants: Implementing Internal Accounting Controls

Have you ever thought about Internal Accounting Controls? Your accountant may only be paying attention to the numbers. This can be very costly. Smart thieves can drain your accounts and profits even though a CPA audits the books. They will do things you never thought of.

What are Internal Accounting Controls?

Internal Accounting Controls (IAC) are methods that help you control risks. They provide quality assurances and explore any weaknesses in your operation.

A chief way thieves make off with your profits is through the cash register. Small restaurants encounter these problems more often than... Read More

5 People You Should Get To Know for Your Small Business

As you might recall from my second entry, I strongly believe that requesting assistance is necessary for your business to thrive. Although entrepreneurs have to wear many hats and need to continually enhance their knowledge, we are not experts on everything. As a result, I would like to recommend connecting with the following professionals to help you with the future success of your business:


Although I am aware that pharmacists have the potential to be great clinicians, I am less familiar with the different services and their respective billing codes/requirements. Therefore, I was grateful... Read More

Keep Your Cloud Enterprise Data Safe and Secure on the Cloud

You data needs to be safe, but you rely on convenient-but-vulnerable cloud applications. Here's how you can have safe data on an easy-to-use platform If you use the cloud, it's possible someone is after your data. Whether by hackers, makers of malware, thieves and identity bandits, ill-intended cyber criminals have new methods of attack. How can you keep your data secure? Be aware and be proactive. Cloud safety involves an active partnership between you and your cloud service provider. In this agreement, you must take a great deal of responsibility. After all, this is your data and your reputation at... Read More

Get More Bang for Your Buck: Use Your Tax Return for Home Improvements

Spring is a great time to begin tackling projects around your DFW home that will enhance its value, improve its function, or just simply bring it up to a better standard of living. And when you combine spring repairs with your income tax return, you can often begin home improvement projects that may be out of your reach financially the rest of the year. Make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck this year by checking out these incentive and money-saving programs to stretch your tax return and accomplish your household goals. Take a Load Off Texas Oncor,... Read More

HIPAA: The Need for a Culture of Compliance

The word "compliance" generally does not generate much enthusiasm outside of an annual compliance association's conference or beyond the office walls of the Compliance Officer. The concept, though, is critical, particularly in health care, which requires compliance with a spectrum of overlapping federal and state regulations, industry standards and contractual obligations. Perhaps one of the most significant compliance areas revolves around HIPAA and matters related to protecting patient privacy. Compliance occurs in day-to-day operations, not just in preparation for an audit or in response to a legal action. For compliance to be more than a set of checklists and to... Read More

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