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Emily F Last online 9 days

Experienced digital marketer, knowledgeable in search engine optimization and tailoring content to your target audience. I write website content, blog articles, and other marketing materials to provide client solutions. Certified in HubSpot inbound marketing and proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Kellye N Last online 4 days

Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Kellye Neuweiler is a professional writer and editor with a journalism degree and 20 years of diverse journalistic experience (magazines, newspapers, advertising copy, press releases, business proposals, blog posts, web copy...) After sampling life in various U.S. cities, she eventually landed in Fort Worth, Texas (aka The Fort.) In her spare time she enjoys running, tennis, cooking, eating, drinking wine, gardening, watching her kids tear it up on the soccer field, and renovating her 1920s home. She thanks Scripted for funding much of her recent kitchen remodel and a new exterior paint job. Next up: master-bathroom overhaul!

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Lisa R Last online 18 minutes

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

I have been writing for two other paying websites. Between the two, I have written more than 500 blogs, articles, and other pieces. I have almost never been rejected and very seldom get revision requests. My price estimates always include all prep time, writing of the piece, proofreading my work, and any revisions that may be requested of me. I am excellent at doing research and writing projects as well as descriptive pieces. I can write on any topic with authority. I enjoy doing this work very much. My primary objective is to ALWAYS PLEASE MY CLIENTS. I look forward to working with you.

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