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Zach R Last online about 1 hour

Truckee, California, United States

Zach is a well-established copywriter and content marketing professional. Zach has written thousands of web pages for dentists, HVAC companies, medical businesses, solar companies, marketing firms, and many more. Additionally, Zach graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising, which gave him knowledge on how to effectively reach an audience.

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Jason U

Saint Andrews, Manitoba, Canada

As a veteran of the automotive industry, Jason has over 15 years of experience working in car dealerships. Though primarily he has worked in the service department as a service advisor, he has sales experience, managerial experience, and has spent time working in the parts department and repairing vehicles hands-on. Jason's love of vehicles began at an early age, working in the garage with his father as a youngster, eventually performing repairs on his own vehicles. Jason now is a full-time automotive writer, providing high-quality content for repair websites, automotive blogs, and as a contributor for fixed operations publications.

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Brian N Last online about 19 hours

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

I specialize in creating research-driven and analytical documentation.

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Jonathan C

San Francisco, California, United States

Jonathan Crowl specializes in digital marketing and content creation for both B2B and B2C brands, with an emphasis on startups and technology. His past and current clients include B2B brands IBM, LinkedIn, Mad Mobile, Oktopost, BrightSpot and Waze, as well as B2C brands Porsche, Epson and PayPal. He lives in Minneapolis.

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The best way to find the perfect auto content writer for your business is to read writing samples they have published in the past. All Scripted writers offer writing samples to potential clients to showcase their talent and experience. Check out these blog posts from a few of our auto writers:

Who Will Fix Cars in 2025?

This article first appeared on audatex.ca

Your mechanic, no?

Well, maybe not.

It's 2018, and while 2025 may sound like a futuristic number, seven years is not all that far way. Seven years ago, Prince George was born, The Toronto Star broke the Rob Ford fiasco(s), and there was a blackout at the Super Bowl. Those things don't feel that far in the past — and 2025 will be upon us before you know it.

It's coming fast, and there's a huge problem facing the Canadian auto aftermarket, attacking on two fronts: rapidly advancing vehicle technology and a shortage of skilled tradespeople.... Read More

The Lead Battery Industry Faces Competition From a Surprising Place: Your Phone

While you're reading this, Winston Kliethermes is probably thinking about batteries.

He owns B & W Battery & Auto Repair in Jefferson City, and he says he's been working with car batteries since 1974.

There are a lot more kinds of car batteries around now, but almost all of them have one element in common: lead. Lead-based batteries have long been the standard for transportation like cars or boats, and companies across the globe also use lead-based batteries to power their servers in case of emergency.

It's a well proven system.

"Batteries in general have stayed the same for 50... Read More

Why Don’t We Trust Self-Driving Cars?

Americans are nervous about driving alongside cars that are 100% operated by computers. For many, the idea belongs in a science fiction movie. Could a vehicle really move from point A to point B efficiently, safely, and with the same ability to make good decisions as a human? We don't think so.

Autonomous vehicles are a big part of our future on the road. Instead of slowly getting used to the idea, the general public's distrust of self-driving cars is growing. AAA released the results of a studyconducted in April of 2018 showing that 73% of drivers in America... Read More

Which Auto Manufactures Get the Fewest Recalls?

Car recalls have become increasingly prevalent in the automotive industry. Why do these cars get recalled, and which manufacturers are beating out the rest? Car recalls used to be a rare, headline-making aberrance, but are increasingly the norm in the automotive industry. Over 22 million vehicles were recalled last year alone -- the most since 2009. A good example of this trend can be seen in the vehicle recalls that plagued Toyota through 2009-2011. Once considered among the most reliable, suffered a recalls that dampened its reputation. Given the frequency of recalls, it warrants asking: why do these recalls happen,... Read More

4 Bleeding Edge Features You'll Want in Your Next Car

The technology we have on hand has been increasing at an exponential rate. What new features could become the norm for the automotive industry? The future of 2015 was shown in "Back to the Future II." It had cars and skateboards that flew. While we are still a long way from hoverboards and self-lacing Nike's, we do have a bunch of futuristic features in our cars that Marty McFly would describe as "heavy." Let's look at four brand new, technologically heavy features you'd want in your next car:

1. Touchscreen Display

The Tesla Model S is an [astonishing technological... Read More

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