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Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Writers

The cost to hire an art and design writer will vary depending on numerous variables. For example, the scope of work involved, the level of expertise required, and the desired turnaround time. Regardless of what it is you seek, the old saying, ""you get what you pay for"" could not be more important here. Like any industry, those with more experience and education charge more for their services, which is then reflected in the quality of work they offer. On average, expect to pay anywhere between $0.06 and $.10 per word for a professional art and design writer. However, for more specialized topics, hourly or fixed rates may be higher.

The process of hiring an art and design writer does not need to be complicated. No longer do you need to search the internet for potential candidates, many of whom are unreliable and inexperienced. Your best bet is to partner with a content marketing agency, as they will offer a pool of talented writers you can trust. For example, Scripted offers thousands of highly vetted writers who are available to hire following a few simple steps. All you need to do is create a content brief, describing your needs, and then writers will submit proposals. Choose the writer who you'd like to work with based on their samples, background, and ideas.

Whether you own an art gallery or operate an internal design website, the content you publish matters. Those in the art and design space are typically looking for professional and inspirational advice. When you hire an art and design writer, they should bring a unique voice to your brand, incorporating their experience and know-how. In that sense, you should seek a writer who has a background in art and design, focusing on their writing skills. If they also possess key marketing skills (i.e. SEO experience), that's an added bonus.

Although you may have an extensive background in art and design, that does not mean you have the time or required writing skills to create high caliber content. In today's online world, only the best content gets noticed. Whether you are too busy to create your own content or need someone with strong writing skills, a professional freelance art and design writer will help you reach your content marketing and overall business objectives. Increase traffic to your site, boost sales, improve your ranking, and so much more through the power of quality content.

Numerous reports and studies have shown that content marketing offers an excellent return on investment. For example, content marketing costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing yet generates around three times as many leads. Through quality content, not only will you improve brand loyalty and generate leads, but you will also experience an increase in sales. Hiring an art and design writer who can speak directly to your audience will help you achieve your content marketing goals.

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Search top art & design writers to write high-quality content for the art & design industry. As a Scripted member you will be able to reach out to them directly, negotiate price, and start short or long-term assignments with ease.

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Just ask my family - I've been a writing fiend since I learned as a first grader that I could write stories like those I loved. While I temporarily pursued other careers, in college I returned to writing as Technical and Professional Communication major. I learned how to write logically and clearly while avoiding unnecessary words that detract from the message. I wrote a wide variety of content from reports to user-friendly instructions, learned to adhere to various style guides including MLA and the Chicago Manual, and how to properly and quickly edit writing.
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Chris Baker
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https://litanyofthelost.com/portfolio . Held an instrumental, multifaceted position building a SaaS startup beyond $1.0 mil ARR. Authored, designed, and co-edited winning federal contract proposals worth $2.7 mil. Published in 5 literary journals/magazines; editor of a legal/historical collegiate textbook. Grew up on horseback with a book in hand. Ask me about: White Belt Mentality, Rubber Banding, Spear Contest Theory. Astra Inclinant, Sed Non Obligant [The Stars Move Us; They Do Not Bind Us]
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John James
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Do you have a rough first draft for a blog or website but need someone to make your copy shine? Then look no further; copy "tune-ups" are my area of expertise. I'm a writer, editor, and mentor from Sydney with over 20 years of experience working for companies like IBM and Acoustic. I love taking someone's rough draft, making structural changes to strengthen the storytelling, and finessing the text to sound more conversational and engaging.
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Why Hire A Art & Design Writer?

Benefits of Hiring a Modern Art Freelance Writer

Today, the Internet is undoubtedly the most trusted and relied upon resource globally. This applies both to general information and to people who are there deciding who to do business with. Consumers look for well-written websites that are full of relevant information and designed so that a company seems trustworthy and tech-forward. Your company website should help you build your reputation as a reliable, valuable thought leader. So, you may want to hire content writer experts to help you make your site as powerful as possible.

If you need to create a website about modern art, it pays to hire professional freelance writer specialists to craft your content. A freelance writer can do more than ensure that the content on your page is well-written. When you hire writer team members, you can also rely on them to write it in a way that ensures it ranks well on Google (and other search engines). Pro freelance writers can also craft your page in a way that makes people want to do business with you.

Here's what you need to know about the benefits when you hire writer experts who specialize in modern art and why it might be a decision that pays off well for your business.

Capitalize on their Knowledge of Modern Art Keywords: One of the benefits of creating a webpage about your modern art business is that you'll become discoverable by a wide audience online. When you hire writer pros with a deep knowledge of modern art, you can be certain that the writers have an extensive understanding and comprehension of relevant art terminology. You can also be sure they know the words that someone online might be searching to find a business related to modern art. So, those writers can optimize your content around the right keywords.

When you hire content writer experts, they can quickly craft content that is powerful and optimized for search. This can help ensure that your site gets found by people who are searching for businesses like yours. Perhaps modern art writers know what artistic media to speak about or know which modern artists consumers might be looking for. That way, they can include those names in your text.

When you hire freelance writer wizards who specialize in modern art, you can be sure that the right words will appear in your content. That way, it will appear in the search results of people looking for what you are offering.

Relying on Their Professional Writing and Editing Skills: While Google's algorithm remains mysterious, we know that the search engine weighs the quality of your written content. Hiring a trained modern art freelance writer with professional skills can ensure your content shines. Their prowess will help it rank high in search engine results.

Spend Your Time Doing the Things You're Best At: When you hire freelance writer pros, you can depend on them to create the written content for your site. If you run a modern art business, there are likely parts of your business that you specialize in. Some of these may include selling art, meeting with artists and buyers, curating collections, etc. Chances are, writing is not necessarily one of your fortes.

Hire content writer experts who are professional and well-equipped with modern art knowledge. That way, you can let them take the time to get your site in great shape. Then, spend your time doing the thing your business really needs your brains and skills for.

Hire a Freelance Writer who Specializes in Modern Art on Scripted

Now you're convinced you to want to hire freelance writer pros with modern art knowledge who can take your website to the next level. So, hire writer mavens with a specialization in modern art on Scripted. Our experienced and trained SEO content writers can create content for your site that gets found via search engines. By using a Scripted modern art writer, you can boost your SEO score.

You can also build your trustworthy reputation online and bring in clients who are ready to buy via your website. Ready to hire freelance writer experts for your art and design project? Scripted makes it easy. To get started and hire content writer pros, just search our easy-to-use site for any writing samples tagged as "modern art." Browse through, find your modern art freelance writer to hire, then get started.

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