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Rebecca R Last online 12 days

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Joe G Last online about 7 hours

Content writer and graphic designer. Have written thousands of articles for dozens of clients in my career of over 2 years. Have served clients in the United States, Canada, Australia, England, India, Costa Rica, Nigeria, Croatia, the Netherlands, Maldives, UAE, the Philippines, Serbia, Singapore, and Turkey. Can type at 48 words per minute and up to 6000 words per article. I just write about almost any topic, as I learn new things each and every day.

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Kent T

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

As a freelance writer and marketing consultant, I've created customized content and campaigns for businesses across the world, ranging from billion-dollar companies and industry leaders to specialized boutiques and marketing agencies. Through expertise earned across multiple disciplines, I bridge the communication gap between business and audience, tailoring content according to the needs of both. After nearly a decade of performing copywriting, marketing and other types of content, I’m able to quickly and accurately find the heart of the matter, increasing the ROI for any project with which I'm involved. My educational background and experience includes computer science, business and sales, customer-facing work and leadership roles, including previous employment as a Director of Marketing for an international software company. This perspective facilitates the adoption of multiple voices, from authoritative to popular, allowing me to connect with all types of readers.

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