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Tenesha Curtis is an experienced freelance writer in the Art & Design, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare, Health & Wellness, Insurance, Media & Entertainment, Parenting, Pets, Relationships industries.

Tenesha C
Tenesha Curtis
Tucker, Georgia, United States
Writer for almost 5 years
Last online over a year ago
Customer Ratings:
19 reviews

Licensed Psychotherapist (Addictions Counseling) | Licensed Insurance Agent (Life, Sickness, Health, Property, Casualty) & Content Marketing Executive for Volo Press, LLC. | Independent Author: 'The Genician' (In Progress) | 'Feign II: The Downfall' (September 2017) | 'Show Her' (April 2017) | 'Feign: A Poetic Collection' (July 2012)

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