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Williamston, South Carolina, United States

If you are in need of a dedicated, hard-working, and eager creative professional to craft any style writing project, you are in the right place. Contact me, and I will deliver a product you will be proud to use.

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Success - The ghost in the creativity machine

**Success - The ghost in the creativity machine** "What does "success" means to you? What is it? How do you define it? Is it lasting? Fleeting? Elusive? Possible? How do you know when you are succ...

Casual Comfort, Stellar Style

This Grey Denim Trucker Jacket is a must have for every man's closet. Full-length sleeves and durable denim keep out the wind and chill, while the large metal buttons keep this jacket stylish w...

True Horror At Its Finest

Paul E. Cooley does with ease what most horror authors only hope to accomplish: Pressing the buttons of your deepest and darkest fears, and keep them pressed through the entire ride. It begins...

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