Jayne T

Jayne T

Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Jayne is a seasoned copywriter, business writer and blog editor specializing in business, finance, real estate, HR and law. Her by-lined and ghost written articles have appeared on the websites Women in Business, Housemaster, Active Rain and Source Con, to name just a few. She...

Customer Ratings 29
$14.3K Earned
36 Customer Favorites
99% Job Acceptance
91% Followed Guidelines
74% Customer Happiness

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Five Easy Marketing Tools for the Introvert

Setting up a business demands marketing skills. If you like big crowds and get your kicks from socialising, marketing's a blast. If, like most introverts, you'd rather stick your head in a gas oven...

Injury claims for tripping while jogging

Hundreds of joggers are injured each year when they trip over an obstacle or a pothole in the ground. Sometimes the property owner is responsible for the incident, and sometimes they are not. Unles...

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