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Rosina K

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Rosina Eileen Khan is an award-winning classicist, Fulbright recipient, and historical architecture enthusiast. She seeks to help readers appreciate their built environment and connect with the world around them. She is an Ancient Greek and Latin instructor who specializes in establishing relationships between the ancient and modern worlds through lectures and articles. Throughout her travels she stops to marvel at local architecture and the way it shapes our environment.

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Matthew C

Bangor, Maine, United States

Right up front, I'm a professional editor | published freelancer writer | business owner | marketer | travel obsessive | outdoorsman. But since you're here, I have a question for you: when you're looking for a writer to represent your business, do you want A) someone with an English degree but little real-world experience, or B) a writer that "gets" what owning a business is like, has a marketing degree, and writes professionally for a living? Good news—I'm the second one. I'm a professional writer with credits in national publications, an (employed) newspaper editor, and a serial entrepreneur who gets that successful businesses like yours put the customers' interests first. In my early 20s, I made writing a career—I joined the U.S. Navy as a journalist and attended the military's acclaimed Defense Information School. By the time my service ended seven years later, I was the spokesperson for a national military landmark. When I left the military, I earned a degree in business marketing and fell into business ownership. Today, I'm the managing editor at multiple publications. My freelance work has appeared in national publications such as Backpacker magazine, PopMatters, History magazine, and Sailing magazine, as well as regional publications. I am also a professional copywriter, relying on my marketing background to create copy that persuasively sells products. In my spare time I'm an avid mountain climber, mountaineer, and backpacker, and I travel frequently in the U.S. and beyond. You could call that "adventuring," and I don't think you'd be wrong. I sincerely look forward to helping your business shine.

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Jenni S

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I am a British-Canadian living in Vancouver. - Over 10 years, I have written and edited for the BBC, CBC, and Daily Hive, covering a vast range of topics including technology, visual effects, lifestyle, politics, and branded content. - I have written blog posts, white papers, branded content, news articles, a press release, in-depth features, lifestyle and political interviews, photo galleries, and proofread a book. - At the BBC, CBC, and Daily Hive, I trained and mentored interns, new employees and staff, in writing for online and TV news, image copyright, and web journalism. Skills and Strengths: Writing, editing, interviewing, journalism, synthesizing information, critical thinking, storytelling, social media, research, attention to detail, diligence, collaboration, curiosity, adaptability, mentoring, empathy, patience, organization, time management, and reliability.

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