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Matthew T

Matthew T Last online about 14 hours

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Amanda G Last online about 5 hours

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Autumn R Last online about 13 hours

Arizona, United States

I have a BA in Journalism from Arizona State University, where I was accepted to Barrett, the Honors College. Since 2008, I have written content focusing on the law, real estate, business, insurance, travel, education, digital marketing, and social media. There are few topics I haven't written about at this point, but I love learning something new every day, so I'm always up for the fun of researching and writing about new subjects.

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Zachary P Last online about 10 hours

Zachary lives in Maine, where he began working as a full-time freelance writer more than a decade ago. He has completed articles on a wide range of subjects as well as a number of proofreading assignments. Zachary authored and published a paperback book in 2016. He also edited print newsletters that focused on radio listening and computers. During his time in college, he successfully completed Technical Writing and College Writing courses. The experienced author always strives to perform comprehensive research, avoid the passive voice and proofread text thoroughly. Each paragraph features a variety of sentence structures. These techniques create an enjoyable reading experience while maximizing clarity and accuracy.

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