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Simona R Last online about 15 hours

For the past two years, I have worked as a copywriter, blogger and creative content creator. I work with editing articles, developing content from research and targeting a wide variety of audiences. My most recent work included writing a city-guide for an upcoming travel magazine. My fields of expertise are travel, personal growth and psychology. Sometimes the projects require a lot of SEO focus and at other times the SEO is a bit more discrete, tucked in nicely into quality articles. No matter the case, each piece is meant to give great value to the readers - whether it is a travel agency, a technology company or a lifestyle blog. Some of the large companies I have worked with are Skyscanner, Kimkim and Momondo. I look forward to working with you and getting started on making your project great. All the best, Simona

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Santiago R

England, United Kingdom

I am a student currently living in London, I have a deep passion for writing, and I'm always striving to achieve better results and learn from feedback as much as possible. I am currently studying Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English Language, and In my free time, I love to write stories for Ikitt to share my ideas. I have a lot of experience with blog writing, review writing, and ghostwriting, but mostly, I enjoy spending several hours writing about topics that intrigue me for popular websites.

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