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Carla M Last online 4 days

Benson, Arizona, United States

Carla Jean McKinney is an author and freelance writer specializing in topics related to science, technology and health. With a background in journalism, linguistics and sciences including astronomy, entomology and botany, she has written over 200 articles for print and the web, and authored several books and ebooks on topics ranging from nutrition for brain health to adult ADHD and preparing nursing students for NCLEX-RN exams. She also holds certificates in digital design, art photography, Photoshop, HTML and web page design, and creates digital content for both private clients and web-based publications and businesses.

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Theodore B

Manhattan Beach, California, United States

Hi, my name is T.J. I am currently an online editor for a major sports website along with being the webmaster for a pool building and home improvement company based in Texas. I have worked for newspapers and websites for the last 15 years writing about a variety of subjects. While most of my writing for newspapers was on sports-related subjects, my freelance writing has delved into subject such as travel, personal fitness, home improvement and gardening, along with food and beverage topics. I did some freelance writing for a Las Vegas travel website and have written about a variety of topics in my two years working with Scripted.

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I am Reggie, a small human who is making their way around the world, learning new things, and writing about most of them. Currently based in Vancouver, but I have lived across much of Ireland, in Wellington and various small towns across New Zealand, Edinburgh in Scotland, London and Bristol in England, Budapest in Hungary, and in Sydney and across NSW in Australia. I am currently learning Spanish in anticipation of my next move to Argentina. I am particularly good at comic writing as I spend a lot of time performing and watching comedy. I have a love of silliness that is hard to match. Of course, much of my academic studies and work has not called for that, and I have good experience in using my skills for formal or authoritative pieces. I love to mix these together to write engaging, light but informative pieces, as per my writing samples, accepted to the website Listverse. I am rather new to the world of professional writing and am excited to get started and develop my portfolio further with you. Finally, other hobbies and keen interests include art (I am a painter), reading (to be expected), improvisational theatre, psychology (my undergrad), astronomy and environmentalism.

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Dorelia E Last online about 14 hours

I'm a writer and content strategist, specialising in both visual and written storytelling. My superpower is to offer new ways of seeing, to offer new perspectives, to ensure my clients’ message is heard and to show why it's important. ________________ writer content specialist storyteller Dorélia Evans is a professional writer and content strategist, specialising in both visual and written storytelling. With five years of experience working with a number of different clients across a variety of fields — covering architecture, design, technology, art, and construction — Dorélia Evans has experienced a wide diversity of project-types, resulting in a similarly wide scope of experience. That every one of her clients regularly returns is a testament to the high quality of work she produces. Alongside this work, Dorélia has been awarded a BA and an MA in English Literature from Queen Mary University — A top London University, and a member of the Russell Group. As evident by the six years of study undertaken, she has a love for both learning and researching. This inclination bleeds into her professional work and underpins her speciality: to offer new ways of seeing, to offer new perspectives, to ensure her clients’ message is heard, and to show why that message matters. In addition to her written work, Dorelia also works closely with a graphic designer to deliver further tailored content, such as graphics, website design, infographics, and video editing services. “Dorélia Evans is an excellent writer, who I have relied on to write editorial content for my company on several occasions. We are a technology-focused public relations firm, and the written work created was on behalf of our clients - often for publication in tech media publications. Standards need to be high, and I can rely on Dorélia to achieve these” Testimonial by Ben Goldsmith, Goldsmith Communications

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