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Amanda G

Amanda G Last online about 5 hours

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Elizabeth T

Elizabeth T Last online about 6 hours

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Why Hire A Php Writer?

PHP has been a hit in web development since the early 90s and is not going away any time soon. Therefore, websites will need a PHP writer to write a continuous batch of new articles covering everything there is to know about PHP. Web developers will always ask questions such as "What is the difference between 'unset' and 'unlink'?", "How can you enable error reporting?", and "How does PHP coexist with HTML?". Your website can serve as the ultimate archive for everything PHP, so that developers will continue to visit and use your site for reference. Hire a PHP writer and seize the benefits of this still-lucrative language today.

Story-powered writer adding value with high-quality, thoughtful content.

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Stephen A Last online about 16 hours

New York, New York, United States

Stephen is a freelance copywriter with 13 years of experience based in New York. He specializes in white papers, short form industry-oriented content, and consumer/lifestyle articles.

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Sasha V Last online 4 minutes

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Sasha is a professional writer and content strategist in Chicago. She helps businesses ranging in size from solopreneurs to global enterprises with projects in innovation, new ventures and startup culture.

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Tiffany G Last online about 12 hours

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Tiffany has 18 years of copywriting, technical writing, and content marketing experience. Her industry and market segment specializations include B2B, B2C, SaaS, cloud computing, consumer technology, mobile, CRM, CMS, UC, ERP, real estate, digital marketing, lifestyle, and nonprofit topics. She enjoys creating approachable and understandable technology content across all skill levels, from the non-IT audience to the high tech crowd. Her favorite types of content to work on include white papers, ebooks and long-form blog posts. Tiffany is Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified, HubSpot Content Marketing Certified, CompTIA A+ Certified, and Cat First Aid/CPR certified. She especially appreciates anyone who loves the Oxford comma. When she's not writing, Tiffany enjoys creating small business websites, making jewelry and volunteering at an animal shelter.

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  • Php Short Blog Posts
  • Php Standard Blog Posts
  • Php Long Blog Posts
  • Php Website Pages
  • Php Product Descriptions
  • Php Email Newsletters
  • Php Press Releases
  • Php Facebook Posts
  • Php Tweets
  • Php Video Scripts
  • Php Custom Projects
  • Php Content Tune Ups

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