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If you're like me, you can't stand "stuffed content" and "word fillers". When you're ready to hire an efficient writing service with proven results, contact me. My name is KT and as a freelance writer, my services include email newsletters, press releases, articles, blogs, sales copy, ebooks, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, SEO content, product descriptions, white papers, and landing page content. Industries that I work in include gaming, finance, parenting, travel, real estate, marketing, compliance, B2B, B2C, and several other areas. My clients include Keller Williams Realty, Turtle Airways, High Brow Vapor, D Koder Marketing, Bryant Consultants, Chat 2 Engage, You Move Me, DPT Law: Crime Victim Lawyers, Star Ship It, and El Montubio. About Me: I'm in grad school for business management and marketing and I write freelance full-time. Favorite Blog Writer: Neil Patel. Favorite Hobbies: Writing, running, biking, and golf.

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Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

Emma is an experienced writer who has been crafting expert content for online and offline publications for nearly 15 years. Emma has written for a diverse array of clients, including brands such as eBay, Lynda.com, Travelocity, ApartmentList.com, and WISEGeek, and for business owners in a wide range of professions and industries. Thanks to her educational background in immunology and communication studies she's as proficient in writing about the sciences as she is in digital marketing, real estate, personal finance, home & garden care, and other professional & lifestyle topics.

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Hello, my name is Magenta. Thank you for stopping by. I would love to help you with your business. How can I help you? My education includes a BA Hons degree in International Tourism Management. I have over 17 years of experience working in various industries including law, financial investments, education, trade union, media and communications, retail, clinical research, sales and marketing, travel, tourism and hospitality, and freelance writing. How can my experience help your business or project? My specific skills and experience ranges from planning and organising events for busy professors, trade union ceremonies, campaigns and large annual meetings, being in charge of stock control for merchandise, negotiating with suppliers for promotional materials and merchandise, liaising with design teams to create magazine adverts, posters and banners for one of the largest trade unions in the UK. I interviewed candidates and taught people while I was an accounts manager for large UK charities. I have been a legal secretary and audio typist for solicitors, a membership assistant, receptionist, travel consultant, travel and course coordinator, and a proofreader where I also formatted various documents including large reports, letters, speeches, brochures, posters and leaflets. I have experience in using MS Office including PowerPoint and can communicate well with people from various backgrounds such as professors, board examiners, members of the public; patients, students (undergraduates and postgraduates), hotel guests, customers, members, and clients to name a few! What skills can I bring to your business or project? I am confident I can help you and your business because my skill set includes: • Creativity • Communications • Event planning • Team building • Strategising • Creative problem solving I can handle multiple tasks and am super organised, flexible, and use my initiative. I work well on my own and enjoy being an active team player. Anything else? I am a fiction author and children's inspirational speaker, freelance writer, business growth strategist, and administrator. I am also a blogger and am a Thrive Global contributor. I have experience of SEO article writing, sales letter writing, and interviewing professionals for articles. I enjoy music, being in nature, learning, reading, pets and animals. My website is www.magentacunningham.com I am here to help you however I can, so please get in touch! I look forward to hearing from you. Magenta

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