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Magda P Last online 2 days

Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Magda writes about Italy, travel, living as an expat, self development, food, nutrition and general marketing copy for brands in the creative industries.

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I consider myself a digital native and an early adopter of social media. My professional career started in 2010. I worked as a social media manager for an international process improvement firm. After two years, I joined a small agency (Sitewire) as a content strategist, which helped me sharpen my skills as a digital professional. I have a unique combination of digital marketing experience (developing holistic campaigns for Golf Channel, Kroger, and Aetna) coupled with an intuitive understanding of social media. In my current role, I lead the editorial strategy and creative direction for Pride.com and oversee the social media program for Here Media's entire portfolio of LGBT brands, including Out magazine, Out Traveler, The Advocate, Here TV and Plus magazine.

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I am a writer and translator based anywhere with good wifi. I help companies create interesting and original content, as well as translating English-Chinese and Chinese-English. I write educational content and training materials, publicity materials, and website content. I also write creative content. I’m starting to translate Chinese sci-fi and loving every minute of it. When I’m not on my laptop, you can find me rock climbing, reading, eating and exploring. Want to work together I’d love to hear from you! 我自由职业作者和译者。哪里有好网路, 我就工作。 我替公司写有意思的又独创的内容。我也翻译中文到英文,英文到中文。 我写着教育内容,培训材料,宣传材料和网站内容。我也写创意的内容。我开始翻译中华科幻。那是我的最喜欢的。 不跟电脑打交道电脑的时候,我攀岩,看书,吃饭,和探险。 要跟我合作吗 我希望你加入我!

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Jenny Green is a freelance writer who loves writing about her obsessions: science, gardening, animals and travel. Her work has been published in SFGate, Opposing Views, Synonym.com, Diva, Perihelion, Lamplight and many other websites and magazines.

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