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Kellye N Last online 7 days

Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Kellye Neuweiler is a professional writer and editor with a journalism degree and 20 years of diverse journalistic experience (magazines, newspapers, advertising copy, press releases, business proposals, blog posts, web copy...) After sampling life in various U.S. cities, she eventually landed in Fort Worth, Texas (aka The Fort.) In her spare time she enjoys running, tennis, cooking, eating, drinking wine, gardening, watching her kids tear it up on the soccer field, and renovating her 1920s home. She thanks Scripted for funding much of her recent kitchen remodel and a new exterior paint job. Next up: master-bathroom overhaul!

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Hi there! I’m Mary, and I love to tell stories and communicate via video, multimedia content, and the written word. I am a recent college graduate with a BA in Film and Media Studies, English, and Creative Writing. The most important aspect of creative storytelling to me is the balance between narrative consistency and ingenuity—namely, how I can consistently surprise myself and others with the work I do. I think creative storytelling is the fabric of what can make the human qualities of our world more beautiful. Stories connect, stories inspire, and stories motivate, and I’m passionate about helping you tell yours. As a very detailed and method-oriented person, I thrive on the entire writing process, from the big picture to the small details. I have a firm grasp on today's media culture, specifically where media and writing can (and should!) intersect to help your business grow. Please get in touch if you feel you could use my skills and enthusiasm on your team!

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Matthew R

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

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nicholas b

College Station, Texas, United States

Nicholas Budsberg received his Bachelor in Anthropology from Western Washington University in 2010, was admitted to Candidacy for his doctoral degree in Nautical Archaeology in May of 2016, and recently published two articles in peer-review journals related to historical navigation. After graduation, Nicholas plans to raise endowments to launch a non-profit organization that focuses on facilitating sustainable archaeological programs, infrastructure, and cultural resource management initiatives in economically marginalized regions throughout the world. Nicholas is also receiving a Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship from the Center of New Ventures and Entrepreneurship at May's business school, TAMU. He currently owns and operates RAH soap, a natural bath and beauty company, with his wife, and enjoys writing in multiple styles - technical, academic, historical, copy, blog, and creative - and is editor for a forthcoming monograph regarding Spanish and Portuguese seafaring.

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