Teaching a Computer to Read:

Scripted recently released a new feature called Experts, which allows us to efficiently and confidently group together expert writers in a given subject, the idea being that a business looking for experts in that field can easily find writers who are highly qualified (as both a writer and a domain expert) to write about it. Part of … Read more

Hacking for Sales, Part 5


Until now, we’ve played mostly with APIs and page scrapes. In this lesson, we dive a little bit deeper into the later in order to solve a simple sales problem: knowing when your customer changes jobs. I love JobChangeNotifier. It’s a simple web application that sends me an email each week showing which of my … Read more

Hacking for Sales, Part 4

Recently, I got curious what other companies received funding, and when the funding event happened. There’s no better resource for this data than Crunchbase, and it’s another great little Python exercise to get that data out and into a spreadsheet. First, let’s start with the imports and data sources. import json, urllib, os, csv inpath … Read more

The Wonders of Vim

As a software engineer, your choice of development environment will affect your productivity eight hours a day, five days a week. Different people have different tastes as far as text editors/IDE’s go, and for good reason. Personally, I always tend to gravitate toward more minimalist tools and greater transparency, and as I’m sure many would … Read more

This, Jen, is the Internet

There’s this great show called The I.T. Crowd about three people working in an I.T. department. One of them, in classic sitcom fashion, has no idea what she’s doing. She knows nothing about I.T., including what the letters I and T stand for. When she’s voted employee of the month and gets to give a speech to … Read more

Scripted App for HootSuite

Content automation is made even simpler when scalable content meets a social media management system. This is why we created the Scripted app for HootSuite, a tool that effectively closes the loop from content production to distribution and management. HootSuite is a social media management system that allows businesses and organizations to manage their social … Read more