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Hiring a military writer can transform the way you interact and engage with your target audience and help to generate more visitors and followers. Whether you require social media posts on the latest military news or you have a website that is targeted at providing information for military personnel, hiring an expert writer can help you to get your message across loud and clear. From webpages and blog posts to news snippets and factual guides, our freelance writing marketplace will help you to hire a miltary writer that can help with all of these content mediums and many more. Simply look for writers with writing samples tagged "military" to get started today.

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Matthew D Last online about 8 hours


As an Australian, I have the unique ability to engage with both American and British audiences. I believe powerful marketing starts with perfect words. I take good ideas and translate them into flawless copy. My copywriting services include engaging website copy // SEO optimized blog posts // revenue-driving press releases // shareable social media content, and powerful marketing emails.

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Bobbie B Last online 1 day

Mississippi, United States

I hold a BA degree in Social Studies Education and recently retired from my teaching career. Before that, I worked for approximately 20 years as a registered nurse. During my spare time, I ran my own cottage business, marketing my own custom designed jewelry. My life experiences have taught me quite a bit about myriad topics. I am now embarked on a freelance writing career. I have been ghostwriting for various clients since March 2015. I can write on just about any subject, from whatever point of view the client desires - from glowing recommendation to scathing rebuke. I am a writer; I write. That is what I do. I am very good at researching and can glean information on nearly any subject, take that information and formulate a cohesive article tailored to my client's specifications. I am a freelance writer: I write. That's what I do.

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Frank M Last online about 2 hours

Frank Mitchell is a professional Freelance Writer in Dallas, TX. He holds a BBA from the Neely School of Business at Texas Christian University. He has worked in the Transportation and Logistics industry for over a decade. He writes about Transportation and Logistics, Small Businesses, and Health and Nutrition.

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  • Military Short Blog Posts
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  • Military Website Pages
  • Military Product Descriptions
  • Military Email Newsletters
  • Military Press Releases
  • Military Facebook Posts
  • Military Tweets
  • Military Video Scripts
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  • Military Content Tune Ups

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