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The world of entertainment moves fast, so you need an entertainment writer that can not only keep up but who can bring that world effectively to your target audience. From sharing engaging entertainment news on your social media platforms to writing movie reviews, an experienced writer will put your content in the spotlight. Entertainment content is typically up-to-the-minute and fresh. Hiring the right writer will not only ensure your content is engaging, but that it is written and released at just the right time. Search our freelance writing marketplace to find an entertainment writer. Simply view their writing samples tagged "entertainment" to find a writer that best suits your needs.

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Michael N Last online about 8 hours

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Experienced journalist, writer, PR professional, marketing professional, and cat juggler*. Veteran content producer. *That one's not true. Yet.

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Hello, and thank you for checking out my profile. I write audience-relatable articles on content marketing, fitness, natural health and beauty, lifestyle, writing, business, personal development, fashion, and more. My pieces can be brief or long-form, but I always aim for them to be an entertaining read. If they aren't, then who will read them? Also, I'm well versed in SEO practices and can create content that ranks higher in search engines for terms that your audience will most likely be searching for. My introduction to writing online content began in 2008 writing professionally for the women's blog, Twolia, and producing yoga videos and articles for my site, Get Exercised. In 2012, I started coaching women on attracting love and began writing articles for my website. Additionally, I contributed personal growth and love articles to Digital Romance, SWExperts, Your Tango, and the Bolde. Digital Romance hired me to write two ebooks for their paid members in 2015. Since then I've been professionally writing articles on yoga, fitness, content marketing, business, lifestyle topics, relationships, parenting, travel, spirituality, and more. I adore researching new topics and broadening my skills but always relating that information to our practical, daily life in this world. Writing is adventurous, but my favorite job is being a mom to two sweet, little girls.

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Michelle D

Fletcher, North Carolina, United States

A former journalist, Michelle is a high school English teacher with more than 20 years professional writing experience. Although she is skilled at writing about most topics, her expertise is in entertainment (especially popular music) and education writing.

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Sarah F

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Hi! I'm Sarah. I'm a Chicago-based copywriter who's passionate about helping lifestyle and wellness brands get results through sharp, insightful copy. After almost 20 years working with clients like Toyota, Staples, Bank of America, and Restalyne, I'll bring a unique perspective to your brand- helping you uncover that nugget of truth that sets you apart and putting it to work in a big way. Whether you need blog posts, video scripts, web copy or collateral systems, we can work together to make sure we break away from the competition and never look back.

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The best way to find the perfect entertainment content writer for your business is to read writing samples they have published in the past. All Scripted writers offer writing samples to potential clients to showcase their talent and experience. Check out these blog posts from a few of our entertainment writers:

Good Japanese Movies (1960-65): Dangerous Desires

The Japanese film industry formed a strange landscape in the sixties, with often highly-constrained studio filmmakers churning out pulpish B-movies, flanked by an independent scene that grew out from the Japanese New Wave, and highly experimental narrative films from directors better known as visual artists.

Japanese society was evolving at a rapid rate following the fall of the Empire and greater cultural communication with the west. But if London was swinging and the hippies were challenging conventional morality in the States, cultural taboos were tougher to shake in Japan.

Cinema audiences could, however, live out their frustrations vicariously at the... Read More

Art for Awareness: How One Artist Used 10,000 Plastic Bottles And Mermaids to Bring Awareness to Pollution

Most of us barely know the facts about ocean pollution and the role that plastic bottle production plays in the situation. Part of that reason could possibly be because most people do not have the attention span to sit through an hour long informative film. However, LA based photographer Benjamin Von Wong decided to figure out how to combine both awareness and intriguing entertainment all together to bring out a powerful message. What was the core theme of his project? Mermaids. Yes, that's right. Mermaids.

Von Wong has often described himself as "naive" when it would come to the... Read More

5 ideas production companies can steal from Netflix and Hulu

  1. Test Early, Test Often, and Test Lots

Today, there is no excuse for a marketing strategy that doesn't hit the majority of its goals. With more data available than ever before and more tools to interpret and act on that data, studios can set more realistic goals, find more effective ways to reach their audience, and learn details about both their content and their audience that can inform further development.

And through data analytics, that's exactly what Netflix does.

Netflix develops several title cards for each movie in its database–typically around 10. Each title card is representative of some... Read More

How Meryl Streep's Trans Music Teacher Opened Her Eyes to LGBT Acceptance

How Meryl Streep's Trans Music Teacher Opened Her Eyes to LGBT Acceptance

The Florence Foster Jenkins star discussed the impact of LGBT music teachers in her childhood as well as Hollywood's ongoing glass closet.

Meryl Streep has LGBT teachers to thank for her musical abilities and progressive worldview.

The star of Florence Foster Jenkins recounted how both a gay man and a trans person influenced her at a very early age, informing her how the arts can be a safe haven for LGBT people.

"My piano teacher and his lover lived in a little house in Berkeley Heights, N.J.,"... Read More

A Tale of Two Charts: Taking A Second Look at the Box Office

Charts can tell stories that mere words cannot — a point we can show you by way of example: Let's start with the most successful films of 2017, as tabulated by TheNumbers.com, and put it in two different charts. Each box office graphic will tell a different story about the same data. One appears above and one will show up halfway down this page.

Of course, we could make this point using data on anything from quarterly e-commerce revenues to the productivity of commercial fishing waters. The benefit of box office data is that movies are more interesting to a... Read More

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