5 Qualities of a Great Content Writing Service

There are many content writing services out there, but how do the great ones keep their customers coming back for more?

Buying blog posts willy nilly won’t net you the business benefits associated with good content. Similar to interviewing writers and looking for specific traits that indicate necessary qualifications, the same should be done when you’re looking for the perfect content writing service. What exactly are these traits that you should be looking for though? Of course, it boils down to what your goals and budget are, but there are general attributes that every content writing service should be displaying to ensure success with every client.

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1. The Service Delivers Content On Time

A well-operated content writing service should be reliable and that means consistently delivering content on time. Some content writing services (like Scripted) guarantee a set delivery date, some leave the deadline negotiating between you and the writer, while others let you determine a customized deadline from the start. Whatever the deadline-setting strategy may be, the deadline promised should always be met. A pattern of consistently met deadlines is a very positive quality in a content writing service. On the flip side, if deadlines are inconsistently met with a content writing service it might be time to start looking for a new one.

2. There’s Transparency About How Writers Are Vetted

The content space is filled with a range of talented professional writers and newly experienced-scribes looking to learn (hey, everyone has to start somewhere!). A great content writing service knows how to find skilled writers to fit their clients’ needs and has an efficient process to vet them. With that being said, it’s important that the service is transparent about how their writers are vetted. Is a writing test involved? Are writers required to prove their expertise in a specific subject matter? All of these questions should be on a content writing service’s website under the FAQ section or elsewhere to clearly communicate what qualifies writers to join their community of writers.

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3. The Service Has A Wide Network of Writers

On that note, a great content writing service should have a pool of quality writers who can write about a range of topics; this way the service can meet the needs of clients’ in every industry. This is also very helpful if you’re an agency and your clients come from different industries, too. Bonus points if the content writing service has experts or specialists who have proven to have a deep understanding in a niche industry. Similar to trait number two, the content writing service should be transparent about how writers are qualified to write about specific industry topics.

4. The Writers Can Pitch You Ideas

Ordering content is easy; the real challenge can be finding the right content topic. How can you regularly get compelling content if you’re not brimming with ideas? Some content writing services allow writers to pitch intriguing topics at no cost to the business which is another positive sign of a great content writing service.

5. You Can Easily Communicate About Your Content

Finally, customers should be able to communicate easily and quickly with writers — whether this is directly with the writer or through the service’s platform. The best content services allow writers to save and view their work and have edits dictated straight from the content buyer. A simple communication link between the writer, content service rep, and customer ensures the customer receives the desired content and formatting.

Not all content writing services are created equal, but by considering the five qualities above you can determine whether a service is one worth your investment.

What do you think makes a great content writing service? Share your thoughts with us below. 

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