Scripted Keyword Research Tool: AI-Powered SEO Keyword Research & Ideas

Increasing organic traffic to your website is the number one challenge for many business owners. Keyword placement is a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that’s essential for ensuring your business stays on the front page of Google searches. Popular search queries are always changing, so knowing what keywords and search terms to add to your content is tricky without the right tools to help. Scripted’s keyword research tool helps you optimize your content strategy with near-instant keyword idea generation.

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Stay Ahead Of The Competition

According to SEO experts Ahrefs, 68% of all online experiences start with a search engine. Make sure your business is part of those experiences with a content marketing strategy powered by effective new keywords and subject matter expert writers.

Enter A Keyword Related

Start by entering any keyword that relates to your topic. The keyword research tool offers a comprehensive list of related keyword suggestions, making it easy for you to compare your options.

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Review Keyword Analytics

Keyword Research tool will provide analytics for each keyword you enter. The top of the page shows you essential keyword data about the keyword you entered including:

  • Search volume data e.g., monthly search volume
  • Cost per click (CPC) – also called price per click (PPC)
  • Competition rating
  • Keyword difficulty index rating
  • Number of results

Find The Right Keyword

Review the top 20 related keywords to optimize your content strategy, attract the right audience, and achieve higher rankings in search results.

  • Get a comprehensive keyword ideas using your original term
  • Find long-tail keywords
  • Identify keywords that have optimal ranking potential
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Order Keyword-Optimized Content With Ease

Send an optimized content brief directly to our expert writers. Smart Content Brief includes:

  • Blog titles optimized to include target keywords that rank high on Bing and Google search results
  • Blog post outlines writers can follow to boost the post’s SERP ranking
  • Questions readers want your content to answer
  • External sources offering topic-relevant information

Stop Guessing, Start Dominating! Try Our Keyword Research Tool Now!

Scripted’s Keyword Research Tool Unlocks More Keywords And More Opportunities

Meet your customers wherever they are online with keyword-optimized, human-written content for all your platforms. Update your social media strategy with posts for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even captions for your YouTube videos. Did you know between 22% and 36% of consumers use short-form videos to research new products? Take advantage of that trend by optimizing your content with the right keywords to reach the most viewers.

Find Keywords For Blogs, Articles, And Whitepapers

88% of marketers utilize SEO techniques including keyword placement for content that increases ROI. This includes blogs, particularly industry-relevant, shareable content; longer articles on both industry-specific topics and human-interest stories such as community action, and whitepapers that dive deep into a range of topics.

Without effective keyword usage, your business could be investing money into content no one sees. Use our keyword research tool when ordering your content to ensure your written content make the biggest impact.

Scripted’s Keyword Research Tool Helps Reduce Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

Paid advertising campaigns using tools like Google Ads have a potential ROI of 200%, making them one of the best ways to drive conversions. That’s only achievable by carefully optimizing your ads using keywords that will match what your leads are searching for. Sticking rigidly to the same keywords have worked in the past might net you a few new clicks, but significant growth is much more likely by diversifying your keywords and expanding the audience viewing those ads.

Other keyword explorer tools like Google Keyword Planner require various conditions to be met before you can start using them. Our keyword research tool is available the moment you start to order content for your paid ads.

When you use effective keywords for your PPC ads, you increase click-through rate (CTR), reduce CPC, and boost sales.

Why Use Scripted For Your Keyword-Powered SEO Content?

It’s an exciting time for everyone that works with online content. Whether you’re a content marketer or a business owner, new tools frequently emerge to make your job easier.

Scripted has chosen to embrace the benefits of artificial intelligence while relying on content produced only by human writers. Our approach gives you the best of both worlds: the efficiency of AI and the human touch of a professional writer who understands your brand and goals.

Altogether, Scripted provides:

  • Save time and effort by getting all the keyword research you need directly from Scripted.
  • Find high-traffic, low-competition keywords that help your content rank.
  • Increase your content's search engine visibility and rankings by keeping up with the latest SEO trends.Easy-to-use platform

These Great Companies Love The Scripted Platform

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What Scripted Customers Say About Keyword Research Tool

"Before Scripted, I was getting most of my keyword research from a free Chrome browser extension. Well, you get what you pay for. Now, my content gets first-page search engine results and my organic traffic is up 40%."

—Janet T., owner of business that sells cruelty-free personal hygiene products 

“I’ve spent years putting together my research from four or five keyword tools. I was getting decent results, but it took an awful lot of time. Scripted’s keyword generator gives me all of the data I need, and it’s all right there on the dashboard. Finally, I have a simple way to plan my content that only takes a few minutes a week.”

—Michael C, marketing executive at a healthy lifestyle business
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Keyword Research FAQ

What Is A Keyword Research Tool?

Keyword research tools use existing keywords to find other keywords similar audiences are searching for or that are trending in that market. This helps marketers and writers to create content that reaches a wider audience based on keyword search terms.

Do I Need To Pay Extra For Scripted’s Keyword Research Tool?

No, when you join Scripted, the keyword research tool is included in whichever price plan you choose.

Will I Get The Same Keyword Suggestions Every Time?

Not necessarily. Our AI-powered tool checks similar keywords people are searching for based on the latest data available. A number of keywords will always be popular, while others may change depending on search intent trends. This allows you to capitalize on shifts in the market and changing customer needs.

Scripted: AI-powered SEO content written by humans

Here at Scripted, we’re proud of our AI integrations and how they’re supercharging content for our clients. One thing AI doesn’t do? Write our content. Every piece of content you order via Scripted is carefully crafted by an industry-experienced, highly-vetted subject matter expert. We use AI to SmartMatch you with writers who know your market and how to reach more leads. That, combined with AI-enabled assistance like our keyword research tool, optimizes your content for a fast-changing digital landscape.

Scripted: Writers + AI to Power Your Marketing

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