Great Content Marketing Requires Great Social Media Writers

Blog Posts

A well-researched and SEO-friendly blog post is the cornerstone of an effective content marketing campaign. Find the perfect writer for your next blog post now to keep your content fresh and relevant.

Press Releases

A press release is a succinct message that helps you announce new products, events, or achievements about your company. Hiring our freelance press release writers can help you effectively share important news.

Web Pages

The most valuable pages on your website are often your homepage and other landing pages. Having accurate, SEO-friendly content is essential for any business, and Scripted content writers can help you get there with exceptional web page content.

Product Descriptions

A professionally written product description can be the difference between a sale and a lost customer. Order new product descriptions from our freelance writers to start increasing conversions.


An email newsletter is great for reminding your readers about new content, product updates, or service announcements. Scripted will pair you with the right freelance newsletter writer to create high-quality content your subscribers will want to read.


Direct transcription of your video or audio file can optimize their SEO performance and improve accessibility. Freelance writing from Scripted simplifies the process for transcribing valuable media to text.

Social Media Posts

Brief and engaging posts encourage visitors to share your content, help grow your following, or drive traffic to your site. Our social media writers consistently create posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more for businesses around the world.

Video Scripts

Professionally written video scripts can help you grow your YouTube channel or add a new element to your website. Hire an experienced script writer to help you capture more views with engaging video scripts.

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Scripted’s SmartMatch technology makes it easier than ever to get started immediately with an experienced freelance writer in your industry.

We categorize our freelance writers by industry expertise, skillset, and level of experience. This allows our SmartMatch system to place your business with the perfect freelancers for any of your various content creation needs.

No more posting to job boards, sifting through countless resumes, writing samples, and bids to find a reliable, full-time writer who can handle your website copy, blog posts, newsletters, and sales material. Instead, Scripted SmartMatch does the vetting of copywriters for you and allows you to order content immediately from the best writer, all within your pricing budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Social Media Writers

Online marketing is essential for small businesses these days - but running social media accounts is a lot of work. You need to keep a number of platforms constantly updated with new content to build trust with your audience and grow awareness of your brand. Hiring a social media writer is the best way to create online content that combines the talent of engaging storytelling with the art of selling and SEO.

When it comes to hiring a social media writer, rates can vary quite a bit. According to Sprout Social, you can find a writer in the $25 to $150 range for one short- to medium-length article. The lower end of the scale would be for articles where little to no research is necessary, while blog writers who can research, offer subject matter expertise, SEO, and other skills will be at the upper range or higher.

Hiring a social media writer starts with ironing out the details of your job posting. Know what you want before you start looking. Consider the following:

  • How much content will you need? 2-3 Facebook posts per week? One LinkedIn article per month? Instagram posts every day?
  • Would you like one writer to manage all your content needs? Or would you prefer a few different writers?
  • How much research will your social media posts require? Does your writer need to be a subject matter expert?
  • What kind of tone/voice are you looking for?
  • Get a clear sense of what you are looking for so you have a better chance of finding a social media writer who is right for you.

One way to find social media writers is to ask people in your network for recommendations and referrals. You can also find writers online by conducting independent searches for social media writers for hire. This gives you access to writers who work independently and can provide their rates, availability, etc. Content writing platforms are another helpful way to find social media writers. They offer a pool of high-quality, pre-vetted writers across a variety of industries and help you find a good match.

When searching for a social media writer, you want to make sure you find someone who has great technical expertise as well as a tone/voice that matches with your brand. Look at a candidate’s writing samples to get a sense of how they communicate. Do you get the sense they will resonate with your audience and be able to match the style of your existing content? Do they have experience writing in your industry? Do they have consistently good reviews and star-ratings from past clients? These questions will help you narrow down your search.

Connect With the World’s Top Social Media Writers

Connect with the Top Social Media Writers

Finding top quality writers may seem like a daunting task. Where do you even begin to look?

At Scripted, we understand that your time is valuable. That is why we offer an extensive pool of the world's top content writers, including some of the best social media writers available. No need to search the web, wondering if you're heading in the right direction — we've completed that step for you.

Since we only accept 2 percent of our applicants, this means that the writers on our platform display excellent skills in grammar, creative thinking, and word choice. In addition, our writers are expected to meet tight deadlines, pitch creative proposals, and use client feedback to perfect ongoing content. By investing in such talented, reliable social media writers, you will already have a competitive advantage.

How to Hire a Social Media Writer

How to Hire a Social Media Writer

Once you become a Scripted member, the rest is history. You will gain instant access to the highest quality writers and based on varying options, you will be able to find the perfect candidate with ease. Over time, you will establish professional relationships that you can rely on when you need content. That's the power of expert freelance social media writers.

During the hiring process, you can choose from the following options:

  • Begin browsing all writers based on their expertise, viewing their profiles and available writing samples
  • When you find writers who impress you, feel free to directly assign them work
  • One of the most popular methods is to invite writers to "pitch" to your job
  • Based on the proposals you receive, select the writer(s) you'd like to work with

This level of flexibility means that you can work with the same writers time and time again — or hire new writers for each project, diversifying your online presence. When it comes to social media, you may find one writer that consistently delivers when it comes to product descriptions, yet prefer another writer when developing content specifically for Instagram posts.

Regardless of your needs, take comfort in knowing that the hard work has been done for you. All you need to do is select the writer of your choice, hire them for the job, implement an ongoing marketing strategy, and watch your brand grow.

Connect With the World’s Top Social Media Writers

Scripted Writers Have a Diverse Skill Set

Looking for a writer with a diverse skill set? Not only do we have experienced social media writers, we also have:

  • Topic specialists
  • Brand journalists
  • SEO experts
  • Lead generation writers
  • Newsletter writers
  • Advertising copywriters
  • Technical writers
  • Press release writers

No matter what type of writer you need - from social media posts to white papers - we know someone who perfectly fits your next project.

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What Can You Get on the Scripted Platform?

Encourage the Best Social Media Writers to Work with You

Scripted is so successful because writers and clients are both valued, as each partnership requires one another. That is why at Scripted, we ensure that our writers are just as happy as our clients. To do so, we provide clients with the tools they need to ensure excellent communication — the type of communication that encourages long-term partnerships.

To become a member that writers want to work with, remain mindful of the following:

  • Leave positive reviews when writers do a great job — they also have the opportunity to leave you a review based on their experience
  • Although the Scripted platform can finalize work automatically for you, it's best if you address and finalize projects quickly
  • If a writer goes above and beyond, you have the option to tip them
  • When creating a job, ensure that the writer has all of the information they need (both in terms of writing a proposal and for the job itself)
  • If you find writers you like, build working relationships with them instead of always hiring one-off writers

Although Scripted members will always find a writer that can fulfill their needs, being a great Scripted will attract proposals from our top social media writers and form a long-term relationship that will benefit you long after you hit publish.

These Great Companies Love Scripted Social Media Writers

Scripted has been a tremendous partner and value add for our business in helping us craft insider descriptions of cities and neighborhoods.

John Kobs
CEO, and

Scripted has been a wonderful resource for original content across many topics. They are effective at pitching new ideas or taking raw thoughts and building them into well crafted masterpieces of content.

Koka Sexton
Global Senior Manager of Social Marketing, LinkedIn

Our acute need was for a dramatic quantity of high-quality content, written for a sophisticated medical audience, yet simultaneously consumer-friendly. That's not an easy task. We were lucky to have been matched with Scripted, whose adherence to quality exactly matched our needs.

Jerry Gulley
VP of Content Services,

We would've had to hire about five full-time writers to get the amount of content that we're currently getting from our partnership with Scripted," said Kelly. "It just makes total sense.

Brian Kelly
CMO, InsideView

We've been working with Scripted on about four blogs per month for the past 12 months. As the writers and Scripted have become familiar with the brand and the way we work, they have been a great partner and delivered fantastic content which we publish monthly on our platforms.

One of the most beneficial parts of the platform is how the content reviewing system works. We love the ways in which writers of different levels can be selected and the excellent customer support Scripted offers. We hope to continue this relationship well into the year.

The adidas blog has seen growth month over month. We get some great comments on social as well.

Katie Burt
Social Media Manager at Adidas Digital Sports

The biggest benefits of moving to Scripted have been improvements in the quality of writing, access to subject matter experts, and the ability to quickly complete large volumes of writing simultaneously.

Kathleen Booth
CEO, Quintain Marketing

As an agency, we manage our own blog plus several client blogs. That means we always have a lot of posts in the works. Scripted helps us to make sure we deliver quality writing on time.

We've been using Scripted for about eight months. The implementation of the agency dashboard lets us organize and manage projects by client, which is a huge help when you're dealing with a large volume of posts for a wide variety of clients. We can also restrict access to just the people who need access to each project. This helps keep inboxes less cluttered and more focused on what's important. The agency dashboard also allows us to favorite writers whose voice matches a particular client's brand, a big help when identifying the right writer for the job.

In the past, we produced content either in-house or with freelance writers. Scripted has been much more reliable, and the writing quality on Scripted has been consistently strong.

Marketing Manager, Whittington Consulting

Using Scripted allows us to increase the frequency of our posts, and it's also a great forcing mechanism to plan in advance and pull together the topics and assignments for the upcoming month as well. It's a good forcing function as well just to make sure we're looking in advance at upcoming holidays or upcoming change.

I think the quality is excellent. I was incredibly impressed. I thought that the writers found the fun voice, and I think there was a consistency across all the blog posts.

Diana Adair
Director of Communications, Zazzle

I was particularly overwhelmed with a lot of work here at Eventbrite, so I didn't have a ton of time. It took very little effort on my end to work with Scripted and their account management service. My account manager Tasia Potasinski made it really easy and straightforward for me -- using Scripted definitely saved me time and energy.

After receiving the final drafts, I didn't have to do much editing. It took me no more than 10 or 15 minutes of reading through the white papers to just make sure everything was accurate. I think the quality of the content was strong and I felt like each writer did a fair amount of additional research. They really took the time to understand the topic and the context within the topic.

Megan Buell
Content & Inbound Marketing Manager, Eventbrite

Prior to using Scripted we relied heavily on in-house marketing teams to create content. We're into our second year working with Scripted, and over those two years we've increased our content capabilities greatly - easily doubled the content and ideas in the last year.

We use Scripted as an extension of our team and use the various services Scripted provides to supplement our research. Just getting a different perspective on an issue can help jumpstart an idea.The biggest benefit of Scripted is having access to a whole group of writers who offer a different perspective that makes our topics and ideas much greater in writing.

Felix Bazgan
Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Cambro

What Scripted Social Media Writers Can Do For You

Increase Organizational Agility

There are many benefits to hiring a freelance writer for your business, not least of which is increased agility. As a Scripted member, you’re able to choose from a large pool of highly vetted writers with experience in your industry to create content quickly on a wide variety of topics and in multiple formats. If a new topic emerges in your industry, you can hire a freelance writer and create content around relevant terms.

Create Quality Content at Scale

Quality content creation at scale is a challenge for every organization. If your company is growing fast, moving into new sectors, or developing new services, you will need content to support those changes on your website, blog, social media, press releases - hiring freelance content writers allows you to scale up quickly and ensure you have all the content you need to grow. Scripted’s experienced writers make it possible to increase your content writing output without taxing internal resources.

Increase Visibility & Market Share

Creating superior content is a long-term investment to increase your visibility in search, improve conversion rates on your website, and take market share from your competitors. As a Scripted member with access to our freelance writers, you have a significant edge in creating great content that will help you connect with a larger audience and grow your business whether you're running a new startup, a small business, or an agency.

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Can Scripted Writers Help You Rank on Google?

One of the easiest ways to improve your Google ranking? Publishing great content - including the social posts that promote that content.

Google loves websites that:

  • Publish informative content frequently.
  • Link to authoritative sites.
  • Get shared often on social media.

Scripted has writers of various expertise and skills. They write:

  • 100% original blog posts.
  • Social media posts that promote your content.
  • Website and landing page copy with SEO-friendly format
  • Newsletters that keep your audience engaged.

Need extra help with Google rankings? Sign up for Cruise Control data-driven marketing solutions for perks like:

  • A content strategy developed by our team of experts.
  • An SEO audit that optimizes your existing content.
  • Keyword research that helps you attract search engine crawlers.
  • Publishing content on your site as well as social media, forums, and leading industry sites.
  • Content from writers with years of SEO experience

Top Google ranking can give your business the edge you need to top competitors. We cannot overemphasize the importance of using strong content to achieve a higher ranking.

Can Social Media Writers Help Me Rank on Google?
Stop Wasting Time With Lackluster Social Media Writers!

Stop Working with Mediocre Social Media Writers

Every dollar counts when it comes to your business, not to mention your time, which is why you should stop wasting your resources on writers who do not meet your expectations. There are many incredible writers out there, you just need to find them.

Numerous studies have shown that marketers and businesses often waste a significant amount of their marketing budget. As reported in one key study, respondents estimated that they waste an average of 26 percent of their budgets on ineffective strategies and channels. While various factors contribute to wasted financial resources, low-quality content will rarely provide a return on your initial investment.
‘That's where Scripted comes into play. At Scripted, we have done all of the "heavy lifting" for you. We have assembled a pool of the most skilled and experienced writers available, including those who specialize in social media content. Why waste your time and money on writers that miss the mark?

Scripted writers will help you build an audience, strengthen your brand, and improve your search engine rankings. For those aiming to grow their social media audience, great content is the first step in doing so. In fact, the better your content, the more likely it is to be shared — and the more often your content is shared on social media, the more your Google ranking will improve.

Whether you would like to develop fresh social media content or require a writer to promote your website content across social media platforms, Scripted will help you reach your unique goals. The process of hiring top-vetted writers has never been easier.

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