What is a content mill?

Content writing is a fast moving industry these days. In fact, the demand for words has never been higher. For a perfect example of this just look at how marketers have reacted to Google’s latest changes. They’re scrambling to find good sources that provide quality and affordable keywords to put on their blogs. In practice, that can sometimes be a tricky feat to accomplish, but this growing trend throughout the years has brought us the content mill on the Internet as its known today.

If you’re unfamiliar with what a content mill is, it’s because the definition of it keeps shifting for various reasons. Originally, the mills were a place where an Internet marketer could find writers to craft content for their own sites. The idea was to pool these writers together on a single platform and give them assignments to raise the mill’s ranking higher up in the search engines. This has worked famously in the past for many writers and well known sites out there today, as some would pay the writers a fee per article, while others gave them a commission of the profits earned from ads on their articles.

Today’s content mills have become more of a writing marketplace that allows freelance writers to sell their work to many different customers. This has become an incredibly effective resource for all parties involved, as everything is kept centralized within a single system between the broker, the buyer, and the seller of services.

Content Mills and the Internet Marketer

Many marketers now turn to these content mills to become the backbone of their business. They no longer have to wait weeks to hire the more sought after professionals, and instead can hire freelancers to ghostwrite articles with quick turnaround times. Using content mills allows marketers to find quality writing at a discounted price, so it’s no surprise they’ve become so reliant on this industry.

This improved way of finding freelance writing jobs has also become a great resource for the writers involved. In fact, many of freelance writers now make a full time living from their chosen brokers. In the past, freelancing was never for the inexperienced, as writers not only had to perform the work, but they also had to constantly market themselves to drum up new assignments. With content mills the assignment process is completely streamlined, and it is much easier for new writers to acquire consistent work.

The fact of the matter is a demand for writers will always yield a way to acquire them. This has certainly become the case for using content mills as a way to hire content writers, and this only exemplifies how this industry will continue to see serious growth in the near future.

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