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What Makes a Great Technology Industry Blog Idea?

IT gurus and tech geeks have some of the most popular blogs on the internet today. It is a fast-paced world that changes constantly. But what makes them so popular? They answer a pressing need. The secret to great blog ideas is to solve a problem for your reader. You can do this by:

  • Providing current updates. Give updates on the latest product developments, gadgets, and other breakthroughs that are happening now.
  • Publishing impartial product reviews. Provide in-depth reviews of new technology. Its advantages and disadvantages. An unbiased review will go a long way in building trust with your target audience.
  • Writing about your technical development. Your blog can chronicle issues you have encountered and how you have solved them, giving your readers a golden nugget of information should they run into similar situations.

Why Hire Technology Industry Writers From Scripted?

A technical writer from Scripted can bridge the gap between your service or product and your potential customer.

  • Saves time and cuts costs. Hiring a professional technical writer cuts the time spent writing. This frees you and your design team to do what they are supposed to do, develop your product.
  • We train our professional technical writers to optimize for SEO, analyze for audience and objective and write accordingly.
  • Our research into your technical blog idea is thorough and 100% error-free.
  • Your satisfaction is important to us. We provide premium content for discriminating brands.

When you look to buy blog ideas, Scripted writers only offer the best. We create blog ideas that are specific to your unique industry, whether it be:

  • Blockchain technology
  • Cloud computing
  • Artificial intelligence and virtual reality technologies
  • Automation and robotics
  • Chatbots
  • Internet of Things

Benefits of Blog Ideas

The top benefits of getting blog ideas are:

Sometimes, it is difficult to think of things to write. We get that. All people are not born writers and can run out of steam. This day and day content is so critical to the success of your website it is too important to leave it to chance. This is what you get when you buy blog ideas and content creation from the experts at Scripted:

Drive traffic to your website. Informative, quality technology content drives interest and creates trust.

Re-use for social media posts. Social media is tough to write for consistently. But when you buy blog ideas and content, your technical posts give your social media more interest.

Drive long-term brand awareness. Posting your new blog ideas and content will help drive your long-term brand awareness. Posts can be re-used and rewritten, reposted, reformed into how-to eBooks, technical reports, informative podcasts, and many other things. You position yourself as an authority in your technical niche and give customers a place to come looking for information.

Consistent posting keeps you at the forefront of your customers' minds. It is important to keep to a consistent posting schedule. Keep out in front of your customers and your competition.

Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

HR and Technology in 2018

This post will focus on emerging technology trends in the HR field. It will cover topics such as Artificial Intelligence and the use of voice controlled devices.

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When Granny Meets Twitter

Technology can be intimidating to seniors, but many embrace it. Article will focus on tips for app developers to attract the older population to their product. Article will include links to articles about the expanding use of technology in seniors.

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5 Emerging Technology Trends in Hiring

I would discuss five emerging technology trends that human resource professionals need to know about. 1. Create Employer Brand Videos 2. Artificial Intelligence for Screening 3. Video Preview Interviews 4. Predictive Analysis 5. Increased Use of Chatbots

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Stasia D
Stasia D.
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How Technology Is Changing Legal Education

This article will examine how legal education has begun evolving in the past several years. Topics will include a shift from socratic to experiential learning, high quality online courses, and a greater emphasis on technical skills.

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Can Blockchain Technology Improve the Healthcare Industry?

Digital ledger technologies like blockchain may be become synonymous with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but the search is on to find practical applications for the technology across the healthcare industry.

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Pros of Using Video Interviewing When You Recruit

More businesses are using video technology to interview candidates. Benefits include sleeker logistics, saving time and expanding the outreach of a company.

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Kelly S
Kelly S.
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3 risks to avoid when engaging in online financial transactions

Today's technology makes it easier than ever for users to conduct a multitude of financial transactions online. Unfortunately, with increased options comes increased risk.

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How Technology Has Made the Younger Generation More Caring

People may have turned on the news in the past to see the bad things happening in the world. They may have felt bad or sad about what they saw happening but didn't often do much about it. Technology has made the younger generation more caring. They not only see the news of things happening around them but also get to voice their concerns on the matters. GoFundMe pages and Facebook's donate your birthday to a cause option have made it easier for people to donate and find a cause to care about. It's made movements like MeToo possible.

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4 New Ways Technology is Making HR More Effective

Intro with a brief overview of how HR is already using technology to be more efficient. Discuss these 4 burgeoning areas: 1) Providing online access to employees for HR functions (i.e. tax forms, check pay, change address). 2) Using Analytics to help management make informed decisions with enhanced objectivity. 3) Social collaboration tools -- instant messaging, conversation platforms, video communication. 4) Using AR/VR in employee training.

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Elizabeth B
Elizabeth B.
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3 reviews
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Behind Bitcoin: A Layman's Guide to Blockchain

This article will give a basic overview of blockchain technology for a non-technical audience. It will explain how blockchain works and explore some of its current and potential future applications.

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Duncan R
Duncan R.
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77 reviews
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How Advancements In CRM Technology Can Improve Your Business Processes

Over the years, advancement in CRM technology has reshaped the way SMBs and SMEs manage their workflows and maintain operational efficiency. This article will discuss the latest trends in CRM software and how it can reshape the way businesses run.

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New Technology for a New Year: Upgrading Your IT System

If you want to make sure your business is ready to boost its growth, efficiency and productivity in this new year, start by upgrading your IT system. This article explains how how to evaluate your needs and make the right modifications.

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William R
William R.
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Harness DIY technology to build a pro home automation business

Discuss how DIY products out today can help professionals to build and boost their business. Cover ways to market to DIYers who are too confused to figure things out. Inspiration:

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How Big Banks and Financial Institutions are Banking on Blockchain

According to industry data, large investment banks and financial institutions have already spent over $1 billion to develop and implement blockchain technology for everything from payment systems to credit default swaps.

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Apps Modern Recruiters Need for Success

Recruiting is a whole new ballgame with all the technology available to instantly connect people around the globe. Here are the top apps recruiters need to stay at the top of their game.

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Dayva S
Dayva S.
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