Why your old SEO techniques no longer work

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Google changes its SEO rules frequently. It's important to stay top of them and the number one way to do so is to learn Google's expectations and to create a news page to pull prospects to your site rather than pushing your message out.

Daniel P

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https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosecitywriter/ I am a writer with 25-years experience for newspapers and magazines of all sizes and topics, from marketing, travel and business magazines to utility newsletters and newspapers. I have an MBA in Marketing, a bachelor of science in journalism/communication and I've written for clients ranging from Fortune 500s to small, locally-owned shops. Also written for high tech and biotech startups. My journalism experience gives me the tools to write copy on nearly any topic and any subject, while my interviewing skills and marketing content-writing experience enable me to write in each client's unique, compelling voice. I often use interviews with experts and I am allergic to re-writing copy that already exists online.

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