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What Makes a Great Parenting Industry Blog Idea?

Your readers in the parenting industry want helpful advice, safe products, and inspirational stories. Buy blog ideas that offer these three ingredients to grow your parenting blog:

  • Dedicated resources and well-researched information for your audience of parents and caregivers.
  • A detailed understanding of your brand voice and organizational goals.
  • Engaging content and title ideas that reflect SEO best practices.

Work with a professional writer from Scripted to not just receive a well-crafted parenting blog but also field ideas for trending topics and helpful information for your audience. Blog ideas help you scale your blog and enjoy competitor and audience research performed by a talented writer in the industry.

Why Hire Parenting Industry Writers From Scripted?

Creating your own proposals for freelance writers can be exhausting and time-consuming. Buy blog ideas from writers from Scripted to discover these benefits:

  • Connect with experienced writers who are parents or caregivers with experience writing in the industry.
  • Access topic suggestions from a wide range of writers.
  • Breathe easy knowing blog ideas are followed up with professionally written content to meet your deadlines.

Review and accept blog ideas to have the same writers get started on writing your blogs. You don’t have to spend weeks researching content for your blog when you power it with Scripted blog ideas.


Benefits of Blog Ideas

The top benefits of getting blog ideas are:

A parenting blog can cover an incredibly diverse range of topics, products, insights, and opinions. Here are some benefits of scaling your blog with ideas from talented writers in the parenting industry:

Compete With Other Companies in the Parenting Industry - Promote a product or service or establish your position as a thought leader in the industry. Compete with other blogs and resources to spread the word about your brand.

Promote Long-Term Traffic Increases - A blog post is an organic marketing product that should work toward sustained growth. Don’t settle with short-term approaches but grow your daily traffic with naturally engaging topics and posts.

Build Better Brand Exposure - Do you have an essential product for new parents? How about a humorous guide to the joys and challenges of caregiving? Receive quality blog ideas to reach your intended audience and build brand exposure.

Become an Essential Parenting Resource - Support parents and caregivers with blog posts that identify common struggles and introduce helpful products and services. Your blog ideas can help promote a more positive parenting experience.

Increase Blog Content Volume - One or two posts may not make your blog an overnight success. Continue to build your blog volume at your own pace with Scripted blog ideas.

Create Interesting Posts - Buy blog ideas that build on your existing work or launch a parenting blog from the ground up. Generate interest in your insights or products with engaging ideas and well-crafted articles.

Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

X Ways to Transform Spending Into Saving

If the idea of saving for your child’s future seems daunting, don’t despair. Every budget has some low-hanging fruit that’s easy to pluck. A list of some of the easier, more painless ways to cut household spending to redirect those savings directly into investments for college.

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Elizabeth T
Elizabeth T.
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Apps for Kids are Turning Away The Parents That Buy Them

As kids and technology begin to coexist, parents are learning what they want in an app for their little ones. This post will explore how ads and in-app purchases are causing parents to turn away from apps for their kids and what to do about it.

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Morgan D
Morgan D.
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Vacation budgeting: You don't have to strip your life to save money

Discuss ways to save money for a vacation that don't involve having to cut out fun between now and then. Could include automatic savings websites like Digit and Acorns. Client ideas are welcomed.

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Letting Go of Santa: Ways to Soften the Blow

Realizing that Santa isn't real is hard for some kids.This article will suggest ideas for creating new traditions for older kids to enjoy, such as a Toys for Tots donation, a new Christmas morning breakfast tradition, and more.

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Follow the Profitable Lead Provided By Today's Most Popular You Tubers

You Tube has evolved from the convenient platform of our home movies to the foundation for some innovative, surprisingly profitable entrepreneurs. With some creativity and ingenuity, anyone can follow a few guidelines to find possible You Tube riches

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Basics of Cloth Diapering

This post will discuss what you need to know about using cloth diapers. Topics covered will include the materials used, tips for cleaning, and costs compared to using disposable diapers.

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5 Resources to Help You Become a Better Parent

Article will highlight resources for parents. The goal is to help all parents learn how they can be better and do better for their kids. I'm including 5 resources for this piece.

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Head Lice: Debunking Three Pervasive Myths

It's back to school time, and that means head lice will rear their ugly heads in many households. Myths about lice cause many people who discover the critters on their children to be embarrassed and fail to warn other parents.

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How Hard Can Ideation Be?

The ideation phase of writing a blog post is challenging because it takes time to research and come up with great content. Many writers will spend hours brainstorming ideas before finally settling on one that might be good enough to write about.

Hiring an expert writer from Scripted can help take some of the stress out of this phase by doing all the ideation work for you - saving you valuable time in your day when you could be focusing on other tasks or projects instead.

Why Your Company Needs Strong Blog Ideas

There are many reasons why your business can benefit from working with Scripted. You'll save time and avoid the stress that comes along with finding writers on your own. Our team is made up of professional writers who have writing experience across 40+ industries, so you can always find a writer that understands your audience. Start building your ideal writing team today with Scripted.

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