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What Makes a Great Real Estate Industry Blog Idea?

Real estate blogs need fresh ideas to grow an audience. Whether you focus on property investment, first-time home buyers or home loan information, connect with Scripted writers to buy blog ideas with the following three features:

  • Identifiable goals for your business in the real estate industry.
  • A clearly stated purpose, trending keywords, and an engaging title.
  • Follow-through with a vetted Scripted writer to turn the idea into an engaging blog post.

These three features can transform your real estate blog. Instead of just posting listings and sharing your contact information, your blog can be a leader in the industry with trending news and expert tips.

Why Hire Real Estate Industry Writers From Scripted?

Our writers offer the talent and experience you need when you buy blog ideas. Explore blog ideas from Scripted writers to enjoy these benefits:

  • Unique ideas that fit your brand voice and business goals.
  • Well-researched ideas that feature trending topics or frequently asked real estate questions.
  • Support from a writer with industry expertise.

Field blog ideas that position your business at the forefront of your industry. The real estate industry is a competitive arena, so you need writers with experience in your industry and content writing skills to transform that knowledge into trending blog ideas.


Benefits of Blog Ideas

The top benefits of getting blog ideas are:

Here are the top benefits of choosing Scripted to buy blog ideas:

Stay Competitive in the Real Estate Industry - From national lending information to the local housing market, compete for the top or maintain your position as the leader in your industry. Buy blog ideas to benefit from competitor and market research.

Increase Traffic to Your Site - Your website traffic will increase as people enjoy reading about real estate topics relevant to them and their interests. These could be articles on home pricing trends, lending requirements or home improvement inspiration.

Build Brand Exposure - Leverage your new blog ideas to build content that’s easily shared across social media accounts. Stay connected to your trusted clients while reaching out to first-time homebuyers and investors.

Establish Your Role as a Real Estate Resource - Your brand offers unique services and experiences in the real estate industry. Show it off with blog ideas that communicate your expertise.

Increase Blog Content Volume - If you’re too busy to craft your own ideas and send out proposals for new blog articles, then ask for ideas to quickly scale up your content volume.

Stay Engaged - Don’t lose your valuable real estate clients. Continue to encourage your clients to read your blog to learn about refinancing homes, buying second homes or becoming real estate investors.

Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

Easy Updates to Your Home Before You Buy

A few cost friendly tips and tricks that will help show a home better. This list could include painting walls, deep cleaning carpet, and landscaping.

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Morgan D
Morgan D.
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45 reviews
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Seven Home Improvement Nightmares

This piece will narrate seven true home improvement nightmares (sourced from Reddit, other forums and news sites) which resulted from customers hiring cheap or non-reputable contractors. It will conclude that, when conducting home improvements, it's very important to hire a reputable contractor.

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Krishan C
Krishan C.
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69 reviews
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# Things Tenants Should Check Before Choosing a Landlord

Tenants are used to landlords running thorough background checks on them, but they also need to look into their landlords. Here's what tenants should look at.

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Erin F
Erin F.
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131 reviews
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Can You Lose Your Homeowners Insurance Policy for a Bad Roof?

If you have an old or damaged roof, your homeowners insurance company may decide that you're too big of a risk. Your roof provides essential protection to your home and is expensive to replace, so insurers will drop you if you don't maintain it.

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How to Make Extra Money Selling on Ebay

I would discuss what is needed to begin selling on Ebay and suggest places to find products, like garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores, department stores. I would explain how price item by searching completed listings.

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jeannine m
jeannine m.
No Ratings View Complete Profile
5 Reasons Estate Planning Should be a Component of Your Financial Plan

When people think of financial planning, they usually think of retirement planning and saving for college or other major expenses. While important, it is just as important to plan for estate distribution during periods of incapacity, and at death.

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Cindy D
Cindy D.
Customer Ratings:
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39 reviews
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Do You Have to Pay Your Interns?

Do you have to pay your interns? If you're a private business, the answer is almost always yes. Training programs might be able to be unpaid, but if they're doing any sort of real work, it needs to come with a real paycheck.

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Real Adventures on the Mayan Riviera

Flying into Cancun doesn't have to mean a cookie-cutter resort experience. This article will discuss ways to experience authentic Mexican culture on the Yucatan peninsula for a unique vacation.

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Elizabeth T
Elizabeth T.
Customer Ratings:
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486 reviews
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The real reason processed meats are so unhealthy

Processed meats are regularly vilified by medical experts, yet many people are not exactly sure why processed meats are so unhealthy. Following are several reasons why eating too much processed meat is not worth the risk to your health.

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Scott K
Scott K.
Customer Ratings:
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437 reviews
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3 Journal Apps That Are Better Than the Real Thing

1. Journey lets you add images and view by date, location, or tab. 2. WriteADay makes writing fun with beautiful rainbow gradients. 3. Daylio lets you keep a journal without writing by tapping on activities and rating your mood.

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The Real Reason Why Employees Don't Participate in Wellness Programs

No matter what incentives you offer, some employees just won't use a wellness program. But why? The reasons are many, but there's a common thread. Learn what keeps employees from engaging and ways to increase participation among employee groups.

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Chelsea A
Chelsea A.
Customer Ratings:
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4 reviews
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Fouetté to Fit: I Ditched my Barre Class for Real Ballet

Ballet-based barre classes have become popular recently, but many people don't know that real ballet classes tailored to adults are also available. The post explores what adult ballet class is like and its health and cost benefits compared to barre

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5 Places to Put Your Money Besides the Stock Market

With the markets so volatile people are looking for investment alternatives. I would cover investing in long-term care insurance, bonds, hedge funds and real estate. Even investing in yourself with on-going education is a good choice.

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Stasia D
Stasia D.
Customer Ratings:
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171 reviews
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Letting Go of Santa: Ways to Soften the Blow

Realizing that Santa isn't real is hard for some kids.This article will suggest ideas for creating new traditions for older kids to enjoy, such as a Toys for Tots donation, a new Christmas morning breakfast tradition, and more.

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A Boss vs a Leader

This is about the difference in just being a boss or being a real leader. It includes motivating employees, compassionate dialogue and communication, and everything that makes a difference in a loyal employee and one just collecting a paycheck.

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How Hard Can Ideation Be?

The ideation phase of writing a blog post is challenging because it takes time to research and come up with great content. Many writers will spend hours brainstorming ideas before finally settling on one that might be good enough to write about.

Hiring an expert writer from Scripted can help take some of the stress out of this phase by doing all the ideation work for you - saving you valuable time in your day when you could be focusing on other tasks or projects instead.

Why Your Company Needs Strong Blog Ideas

There are many reasons why your business can benefit from working with Scripted. You'll save time and avoid the stress that comes along with finding writers on your own. Our team is made up of professional writers who have writing experience across 40+ industries, so you can always find a writer that understands your audience. Start building your ideal writing team today with Scripted.

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