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What Makes a Great Travel Industry Blog Idea?

Paint a picture of a stunning destination, relaxing spa, or breath-taking view with a compelling blog idea. Buy blog ideas from Scripted writers who pack these three key items into every post:

  • Clear goals related to your business.
  • Well-researched topic and keyword choice to translate into a trending article.
  • Trendy title to grab readers and paint a picture of the travel blog idea.

These three items help craft a creative and competitive travel blog idea. While you can assemble these items yourself and propose the idea to Scripted writers, you can also buy blog ideas that are ready to be transformed into your next trending post.

Why Hire Travel Industry Writers From Scripted?

Scripted offers vetted writers in the travel industry to help you build your brand. Here are some key reasons to choose blog ideas from our talented pool of writers:

  • Industry-specific ideas for blog posts written and edited by professionals.
  • Ideas from experienced travel writers.
  • Inspiration from a pool of writers to quickly scale up your content volume.

You can scale your blog at your own pace and hand-select quality ideas that match your content goals. See what you can achieve when you work with experienced writers who offer their own content creation ideas.


Benefits of Blog Ideas

The top benefits of getting blog ideas are:

Build a blog that’s its own travel destination. Here are some key benefits of Scripted blog ideas:

Compete in the Travel Industry - From travel agents and guides to vacation rental platforms and money-transferring services, the travel industry is a competitive place. Lead the way with quality blog content.

Increase Web Traffic - Become the next big thing with growing web traffic. Set up a blog that promotes a community of like-minded travelers.

Gain Brand Exposure - Spread the word about your business and services through blog ideas, social media posts, and more. Quality ideas from Scripted writers turn into blog posts that are easy to share.

Become a Knowledgeable Travel Resource - Build trust and blaze trails with travel guides, current travel safety information, and other key topics in your industry. Know your trade and become a digital guide to travel destinations, products, and services.

Increase Travel Blog Content Volume - Vary your blog content and buy blog ideas that offer many opportunities to spread the word and connect with your audience.

Stay Interesting - Travel is all about opening doors to new experiences and opportunities. Crafting a blog that matches these goals starts with quality blog ideas.

Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

5 Ways to Take on Long Term Travel Without Sacrificing Your Career

I'd discuss resume padding long-term travel opportunities via grants, Peace Corps, international NGOs, military bases, and telecommuting.

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Top 10 Green Travel Destinations

Eden Lodge, Madagascar; Majahuitas Resort, Mexico; Paraguay; Blue Lagoon Resort and Spa, Iceland; Berkshire East Green Ski Resort; Stanford Inn, Mendocino Coast, California, etc. keywords: travel, green, sustainable, hotel, vacation, renewable

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Amanda A
Amanda A.
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Best Digital Tools for Travel Writers

What should travel writers take into account when selecting digital tools? Name some tried and chosen ones: hybrid tablets, apps that are useful for those who work on the road, etc.

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Ecotourism: See The World, Save The Earth

Vacations take on a new meaning for ecotourists, who combine travel with environmental awareness. This article discusses the growing popularity of ecotourism and describes how travelers can join the movement and plan a trip.

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Ten Ways to Fly Greener

What are some ways we can lessen our carbon footprint when traveling by air? This article will outline ecofriendly consumer options, including choosing airlines with a green reputation, purchasing carbon offsets, and reducing travel waste.

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5 Non-Touristy Must Do Things In Bangkok

I will write a travel entry about the main attractions in Bangkok that are a must see. I will avoid tourist traps. I will talk about 1. terminal 21 mall 2. cityscape view from state tower 3. Silom Road 4. Lumpini Park 5. assumption cathedral.

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vishnu r
vishnu r.
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Travel Insurance - Is It Really Worth Buying?

This article will outline some common reasons why travellers forgo insurance (IE "it's to complicated). It will respond to these, and underline the importance of insurance, before providing a few basic guidelines to make finding a policy easier.

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JetBlue's Awesome New Travel App: How It's Different

JetBlue announced the release of an enhanced suite of mobile apps on Dec. 14. The apps will bring even more convenience to customers' fingertips so they can enjoy their JetBlue experience. This article will discuss the new and awesome features.

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Jeremy H
Jeremy H.
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Can You Use Your Credit Card if You travel Abroad?

The answer is yes, but watch out for foreign transaction fees, what network your card is in, and whether your card is compatible with chip and pin requirements.

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5 Incredible Destinations You've Probably Never Heard Of

I'd discuss the following spots that are off the beaten path. 1. The Hearst Castle in California 2. Providence Canyon in Georgia 3. Commercial Street in Portland, Maine 4. Limestone Caverns in Montana 5. Pecos National Park in New Mexico

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Where's a Good Place to Eat?

Summer is the time for vacations to places we've never been. How do we know where to find a good restaurant in an unfamiliar town? There's an app for that. Article will focus on best restaurant apps for iPhone and Android based on user reviews.

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Bobbie F
Bobbie F.
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Top 10 Reasons Brooklyn is Actually the Coolest Cit in the World

This post will discuss reasons why Brooklyn is the coolest city in the world. It will talk about how Brooklyn sets trends in fashion dining, music, pop culture, and more.

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Becky B
Becky B.
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How Traveling Changes Your World and Life Perspective

Traveling is the cornerstone for living a fulfilled and thrilling life. The chance to experience new cultures and learn about the daily lives of people different than our own background helps us become more accepting and happier people.

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Brian L
Brian L.
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Milwaukee: it's more than just beer

Milwaukee, though known for its breweries, has plenty more to offer those who are curious enough to dig around for the city's hidden gems. With quality food, lakefront beaches and charming local personality, travelers have a lot to discover.

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Real Adventures on the Mayan Riviera

Flying into Cancun doesn't have to mean a cookie-cutter resort experience. This article will discuss ways to experience authentic Mexican culture on the Yucatan peninsula for a unique vacation.

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Elizabeth T
Elizabeth T.
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