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What Makes a Great Health & Wellness Industry Blog Idea?

Scripted writers know that they need the right mix of three things to have a compelling blog idea for your health & wellness website or blog:

  • A great blog idea should have a clear goal for your health & wellness organization – do you want readers to share your content? Do you want to become a trusted wellness resource? Or are you trying to get leads for your health products and services?
  • A great blog idea must be well-researched and have an understanding of your audience and their health and wellness needs.
  • A great health and wellness blog idea has a catchy title that makes people want to click through or read more.

Why Hire Health & Wellness Industry Writers From Scripted?

Hiring experienced Health & Wellness writers from Scripted also provides these benefits:

  • Your health and wellness blog content will be professionally written and error-free since each post goes through several rounds of editing.
  • You'll get access to health and wellness experts who can write about any topic you need help with.
  • We've helped thousands of health and wellness brands grow their traffic by providing quality writing services.

If you're looking for health and wellness writers who know what businesses need and want out of their blogging efforts, look no further than Scripted.

Benefits of Blog Ideas

The top benefits of getting blog ideas are:

The top benefits of getting blog ideas are:

Stay Competitive

Buy blog ideas from health and wellness experts to help your company stay ahead of the competition.

Increase Web Traffic

Your website traffic will increase as people enjoy reading about the health and wellness topics relevant to them and their needs and interests.

Brand Exposure

When you have good blog content, it also encourages readers to share your health and wellness articles on social media—which means more exposure for your brand to the people most likely to engage with your products and services.

Become a Resource

Your blog will be an excellent health and wellness resource for your customers or clients, increasing your reputation as an expert in your field—and increasing potential sales.

Increase Content Volume

You'll have more authoritative or entertaining health and wellness content to post, which can increase traffic in the long run.

Keeps Things Interesting

Buy blog ideas to provide your readers with the latest, unique health and wellness content so people won't get bored with reading the same thing over and over again.

Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

5 Ways to Boost Your Health and Wellness Benefits

This post will outline four fun ways you can go above and beyond the traditional medical/vision/dental to give employees wellness benefits that will improve recruiting and retention. Examples might include sponsoring in-house fitness clubs or hosting a nutritionist once per month to teach employees to make healthy dishes via interactive cooking classes.

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Sam P
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Everything You Should Know About Activated Charcoal

I would discuss this latest trend in health and nutrition and write about these categories: 1. What is Activated Charcoal? 2. What are the Benefits and Uses? 3. Are There Any Drawbacks?

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Losing Hair? The Holidays May Be to Blame

I have extensive experience writing in the health and beauty industries and have written blog posts and articles on hair loss for past clients. I have samples available in my profile for review and would love to bring my expertise to your project.

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HR Should Be Mindful of Office Layout to Foster the Ideal Atmosphere

Studies confirm what some HR reps already knew: the physical layout of office space has a tangible effect on the mood, productivity & health of the workforce. HR should be mindful of the intended office temperament when choosing the office layout.

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Top X Apps to Help You Deal with Anxiety and Panic

This post will discuss 3 to 5 of the best apps for iOS and/or Android that help people deal with anxiety and panic. For instance, "Stop Panic & Anxiety Self-Help" is a free app that applies proven psychological techniques to help people do this.

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Top 10 Safe Detox Tips

When not done correctly, detoxing can be a vigorous, traumatic event for some people. But it doesn't have to be. This article will introduce safe and effective detox methods for men and women.

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5 Everyday Foods That Actually Help Cleanse Your Body

I will talk about 5 superfoods that are healthy and promote wellness. I will mention foods that are surprisingly good for cleansing like apples, strawberries, blueberries, spinach, sweet potatoes.

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10 Healthy Lifestyle Habits That Support Weight Loss and Maintenance

Using quotations from Medical Doctors and Registered Dieticians and medical studies as sources, create a list of healthy lifestyle habits which can contribute to healthy weight loss or maintenance. Habits discussed will include tracking portions, preparing lunch, making healthy eating on the weekends a priority, and smarter snacking.

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Yes, My Mental Illness Is Real-- Even If You Can't See It

This blog discusses the prevalence of high-functioning depression and the stigma against one being able to function with a mental illness. The target audience is both those with mental illnesses and those that don't understand how common it is.

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It's OK to Not Be OK: How to Cope with Mental Illness in College

This blog is about how to overcome the challenges that mental illness creates when one is in the college setting. Tips include creating a schedule, setting realistic goals, and ways to re-frame thinking.

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How Blog Ideas Works

To get started: sign up for an account, input your industry and outline your project goals, and then our writers will propose ideas that you can choose from based on what's relevant to your industry.

If there are specific blog topics you want to have written, you can outline what you're looking for in terms of the blog post title, sub-headers, keywords, word count, number of images you want... the list goes on.

You'll be able to track the progress of your project and communicate with a writer directly through a chat box if you have any questions, concerns or comments.

Post a job, and within minutes, one of our talented blog specialists will get in touch about how they can help make your content marketing strategy successful.

Every customer is assigned their own support team member who can answer any questions before, during, and after posting projects, ensuring quality control from start to finish.

How Hard Can Ideation Be?

The ideation phase of writing a blog post is challenging because it takes time to research and come up with great content. Many writers will spend hours brainstorming ideas before finally settling on one that might be good enough to write about.

Hiring an expert writer from Scripted can help take some of the stress out of this phase by doing all the ideation work for you - saving you valuable time in your day when you could be focusing on other tasks or projects instead.

Why Your Company Needs Strong Blog Ideas

There are many reasons why your business can benefit from working with Scripted. You'll save time and avoid the stress that comes along with finding writers on your own. Our team is made up of professional writers who have writing experience across 40+ industries, so you can always find a writer that understands your audience. Start building your ideal writing team today with Scripted.

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