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Cristina Neagu is an experienced freelance writer in the Art & Design, Education, Marketing & Advertising, Media & Entertainment, Small Business, Travel industries.

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Cristina Neagu
Veneto, Italy
Writer for about 8 years
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A professional editor and writer since 2012, I've edited or written articles on many topics, but my specialties are science, health, travel, content writing, and project management. I love researching a topic and translating complex information into clear, accurate, and concise writing that helps and inspires the reader.

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Editorial Style Guide for Small Businesses: Why You Need One (Plus Free Template)

By following the guidelines in your editorial style guide, you save time when preparing written materials while ensuring your business is perceived as professional and credible. How do you create an editorial style guide for a ...

Italian Dolomites Vacation? 3 Days in Corvara: Trails and Tips

A trip to Corvara will take you to one of the most touristy mountain resorts in Italy. So, if you’re looking for a quiet retreat in the mountains, this may not be for you. But if you love to have access to all the tourist ameni...

The Types of Content Writers That Undermine Your Content Marketing

No two freelance writers are alike, but some are more likely than others to hinder your content writing projects. These are 5 types to avoid.

7 Project Management Concepts That Freelance Editors Can’t Afford to Ignore

If you're a freelance editor, you're also a project manager. Learn to apply project management knowledge to your business to become a more efficient editor.

On writing: Interview with scientist-author Katharina Vestre

“Writing is my way to keep falling in love with science.”— Katharina Vestre In The Making of You, the author’s talent for storytelling coupled with a scientist’s eye for detail makes readers turn page after page, while the fres...

Should you quit your PhD?

Maybe a major event happened in your life that reshuffled your priorities. Or you’re thinking about switching careers and no longer need an advanced degree. Or maybe you’ve been offered a great job that won’t leave you time to ...

Freelancing myths: What people think freelancers do (and what we really do)

What’s it like to be a freelancer? You work a couple of hours a day, have no boss, and can set your own schedule. Just add “you can wear your pajamas all day” and the Freelancer Stereotype cocktail with a slice of myth is ready...

Creative ways to come up with original ideas for a small-business blog

A very successful blogger confessed he comes up with business blog ideas by spying up on his competitors. He’s an authority in his field, and many content marketers look up to him for inspiration, so it’s surprising he needs to...

Brioche and 7 other English words with surprising meanings in Italy

“Ecco le sue brioche” (“here are your brioches”), the baker said, handing me a paper bag with my order. “No, croissants”, I said. “Si, brioche”, he said, nodding. Frustrated because I couldn’t remember how to say “I ordered cro...

Preparing for the Inconceivable Risk—Are You Ready for Black Swans?

When rare and extreme events never observed before occur, they have major consequences and sometimes even global impact. World War I, AIDS, 9/11, but also the advent of Internet are all black swans, or extremely rare, unprecede...

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