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What Makes a Great Food & Beverage Industry Blog Idea?

Scripted writers know that they need the right mix of three things to have a compelling blog idea for your food & beverage website or blog:

  • A great food & beverage blog idea should have a clear goal for your blog or website. Do you want readers to share your content? Do you want to become a trusted resource for recipes or nutrition? Or are you trying to get leads for your new restaurant or food retail outlet?
  • A great food and drink blog idea must be well-researched and have an understanding of your target audience.
  • A great food and beverage blog idea has a catchy title that makes people want to click through or read more, or share with their peers.

Why Hire Food & Beverage Industry Writers From Scripted?

Hiring experienced food and beverage writers from Scripted also provides these benefits:

  • Professionally written and error-free food and drink content: Each post goes through several rounds of editing for your peace of mind.
  • You'll get access to food and beverage experts who can write about any topic or provide inspiration for your blog or website.
  • We've helped thousands of food and drink brands grow their traffic by providing quality writing services.

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Benefits of Blog Ideas

The top benefits of getting blog ideas are:

The top benefits of getting food and drink blog ideas are:

Stay Competitive

Buy blog ideas from food and drink experts to help your company stay ahead of the competition.

Increase Web Traffic

Your website traffic will increase as people enjoy reading about the food and beverage topics relevant to them and their lifestyle.

Brand Exposure

When you have good content for your food and beverage blog, it also encourages readers to share your articles on social media—which means more exposure for your brand. You can target the people most likely to engage with your products and services.

Become a Resource

Transform your blog into a top food and drink resource for your customers or clients, increasing your reputation as a pioneer in your field—and increasing potential sales.

Increase Content Volume

You'll have more authoritative or entertaining food and beverage content to post, which can increase traffic in the long run.

Keeps Things Interesting

Buy blog ideas to provide your readers with the latest, unique food and beverage content so people won't get bored with reading the same thing over and over again.

Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

Restaurant Success - It's Not About the Food

Geared towards marketing for restaurants and restaurant management. Focus of the article would be on the importance of hospitality and experience. Too many restaurant owners approach the business as if food is all that matters, but in reality building a distinct brand for the restaurant is more important.

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Joseph M
Joseph M.
Customer Ratings: Star Star Star Star Star
1 reviews
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Top 4 Places to Eat in New York City

This will include an overview of: SottoCasa Pizzeria, Boucherie Park Avenue South, Antica Ristorante, and Luke's Lobster FiDi. The descriptions of each restaurant will discuss food, ambiance, and service.

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Danielle M
Danielle M.
Customer Ratings: Star Star Star Star Star
3 reviews
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X Best Apps for Home Cooks

An intro about the joys and health benefits of home cooking, followed by listicle of great apps. Ideas include recipe apps, measuring conversions, grocery shopping lists that connect to smart fridges, etc.

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Elizabeth T
Elizabeth T.
Customer Ratings: Star Star Star Star Half-star
489 reviews
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Cockroach Milk Is A Thing And We Can't Handle It

This will be describing what cockroach milk is, why everyone is going crazy about it, and what the benefits actually are opposed to what everyone is saying.

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Trending Fast Food Deals

Who has time to keep up with all the coupons they get in the mail? This blog would focus on the latest fast food deals, newest menu items etc. Every blog post would feature the latest releases and deals offered.

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5 Incredible Restaurant Trends You Need to Know

I would discuss the following trends. 1. Increase in Vegetable Entrees 2. Regional Pizza Specialties 3. Colorful Food 4. Increased Kids' Menu 5. More Specialty Drinks

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How To Cook To Lose Weight

I will discuss tips on cooking to lose weight. Will include: sugar substitutions, make veggies taste better, stock kitchen with good cooking tools etc

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Tracy S
Tracy S.
Customer Ratings: Star Star Star Star Empty-star
31 reviews
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X Inventions That Are Changing the Beer Scene

This blog post will explore innovative new technologies that are changing the beer scene, from social media apps to electronic home brewing equipment.

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Julie W
Julie W.
Customer Ratings: Star Star Star Star Half-star
103 reviews
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9 Great Craft Beers to Beat the Summer Heat

This post would be aimed at craft beer fans interested in discovering new and refreshing brews to enjoy on hot summer days. The list would include Dogfish Head's SeaQuench Ale, 21st Amendment's Hell or High Watermelon, and Sierra Nevada's Summerfest.

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The Top 5 BBQ Mistakes Made Every Summer

This post will rank the top five most common mistakes people make when grilling their food. This post will focus on cooking methods and the proper bbq grill handling methods.

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vishnu r
vishnu r.
Customer Ratings: Star Star Star Half-star Empty-star
54 reviews
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5 Monster Burgers You Need To Sink Your Teeth In Today

As the title suggests, this blog post will include 5 incredibly ridiculous, yet delicious, burgers that should pretty much be on everyone's bucket list and where (restaurants) you can find them.

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Nikki G
Nikki G.
Customer Ratings: Star Star Star Star Star
4 reviews
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Indecisive? How You and Your Significant Other Can Decide Where to Eat

Dinner out is pleasant for many couples, but for some, it can be a not fun experience. Whether it's you, your SO or both who tend to say, "Dunno," to every choice, tips such as coupling the meal with an activity such as bowling can help.

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Kelly S
Kelly S.
Customer Ratings: Star Star Star Star Half-star
168 reviews
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6 Las Vegas Strip Restaurants for People on a Budget

You don't need to spend a fortune to enjoy some fantastic food on the Las Vegas strip. Here are six great restaurants that offer entrees for less than $15 - ranging from burger joints to pizza restaurants.

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Malcolm C
Malcolm C.
Customer Ratings: Star Star Star Star Half-star
240 reviews
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7 Walt Disney World Restaurants That Nail Fine Dining

Walt Disney World is home to dozens of restaurants, but some of them are worthy of a Michellin Star. Here are five WDW restaurants that offer menu choices Gordon Ramsay would be proud of. This article will include the most impressive dishes available

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Malcolm C
Malcolm C.
Customer Ratings: Star Star Star Star Half-star
240 reviews
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Chicken Stew Recipes Everyone Should Know

Three fundamental chicken stew recipes the reader can prepare in about 30 minutes active cooking time, such as coq au vin, spicy Southwestern chicken and hearty chcken with roasted winter vegetables.

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Jalal A
Jalal A.
Customer Ratings: Star Star Star Star Half-star
74 reviews
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