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Blockchains, Hyperledgers and Finance: Change is Imminient

by Natalie V.
For the first time in several centuries, finance is about to undergo a major change. In fact, this change may be more impactful than the two entry ledger system created several hundred years ago. Fintech is in full revolution mode.
Natalie V.
Columbus, Mississippi, United States

About Natalie V.

Natalie R Vice is a non-fiction & fiction author, blogger and freelance writer. She has work under publication as a freelance writer with organizations such as The, Simple.Thrifty.Living., EPL Digital and Synchrony Bank. You can visit her author site at Natalie has been a professional writer since 2005 working primarily with non-fiction genres. As a former business owner with over thirty years’ experience in business ownership, operations and financial management she has channeled all that experience into her work as a non-fiction writer focusing on articles and blogs for the business and finance industry. As a freelance writer and blogger, she offers services for the business, finance, and education industries. More information and samples of her work can be found on her blogsite at An online portfolio of business and finance articles is available at