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3 Communication Theories That Can Build Better Self Awareness

by Stephanie A.
Blog post will explore Goffman's Theory of Face, Social Penetration Theory, and Attribution Theory in context of how they help explain our own (sometime baffling) communication behaviors.
Stephanie A.
Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

About Stephanie A.

The bottom line: fresh content from an experienced writer + editor + strategist. While others in math class were groaning about story problems, I would gleefully read about Juan and his oranges or Rebecca and her favorite pencils. When Juan gave away four of his oranges and then had half of his initial stock remaining, instead of fretting about what that number actual meant, I would play the scene out in my mind — a benevolent Juan rewarding kind and loyal friends with his coveted oranges. Or maybe he was spiteful, giving away ruined, bitter fruits. I loved digging into the logic of the problems, sure, but what really interested me was the backstory. It's this curiosity that continues to drive me as a professional communicator. I've worked as a journalist, science writer/editor, marketing strategist, PR consultant and more. Whatever the topic, I can cover it, bringing my unique blend of experience, instinct and creativity to the table.