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Michelle Harris is an experienced freelance writer in the Art & Design, Cannabis, Energy & Environment, Healthcare, Health & Wellness, Marketing & Advertising, Personal Finance, Pets industries.

Michelle H
Michelle Harris
Sarasota, Florida, United States
Writer for almost 8 years
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Stop banging your head! Michelle loves creating *Platinum Level* content that gets results (and prevents headaches)!!! Michelle is an entrepreneur w/ 20+ years as a writer, designer and marketing guru plus a background in education, medicine and the environment. As a Ph.D. candidate, she is researching biomimicry and also has an MS in marcom, an MPhil in management-finance and a BA in premed biology. When not writing, you’ll find her motorcycling, belly dancing and roller derby skating. => Read more about Michelle here: https://www.scripted.com/content-marketing/writer-spotlight-michelle-h

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