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Michelle Harris is an experienced freelance writer in the Accounting & Finance, Art & Design, Cryptocurrency & Web3, Employment & Career, Environment, Healthcare, Health & Wellness, Home & Garden, Marketing & Advertising, Parenting, Pets, Retail & Ecommerce, Sales, Small Business, Software, Technology, Travel industries.

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Michelle Harris
Sarasota, Florida, United States
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Stop banging your head! Michelle loves writing/editing content for favorite clients — it gets results (without headaches)! She boasts 20+ years as a writer, graphic/web designer, and marketing expert, and has written 1000+ for education, finance, crypto, cannabis, health, fitness, travel, beauty, art, motorsports, fashion, environment, tech, pets, insects, pests, AI, SEM, SEO... As a PhD(c), she researches decision-making PLUS has an MS in MarCom, an MPhil in Management, and a BA in Premed Biology. You'll even find her motorcycling or belly dancing. https://bit.ly/scripted-spotlight-michelle-h
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New Apps To Help Parents With Babies Sleep

I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s not a mom or dad who hasn’t struggled with a colicky newborn in the middle of the night or a child fighting sleep when it’s way past their bedtime. While this is typical behavior that children...

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Pet Nutrition goes to next-level

Lights, Camera, Attraction: The Power of Branded Video Content

[LINKEDIN PULSE ARTICLE - VIDEO PRODUCTION | VIDEOS | BRANDING | GRAPHIC DESIGN | MULTIMEDIA] Today's technology makes it fairly inexpensive and easy to leverage video content online through websites, blogs, ads, and social med...

How Much Can a Crypto Wallet Hold?

[BLOG ARTICLE - CRYPTO | CRYPTOCURRENCIES | DIGITAL CURRENCY | CRYPTO WALLETS | BITCOIN | INVESTING] If you’ve joined the bandwagon and begun investing in digital currencies, you may wonder how much your crypto wallet can hold....

How To Tell an Authentic ESG Story and Avoid Greenwashing

[LINKNEDIN PULSE ARTICLE - CONSUMER PRODUCTS | CORPORATE GOVERNANCE | GREENWASHING | ECOFRIENDLY | ENVIRONMENT | SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY] Corporate greenwashing is a problem, so much so that 72% of executives admitted their ...

Thailand: A Place to Call Ohm

[BLOG ARTICLE - TRAVEL | THAILAND | CONSERVATION | ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION | ECOTOURISM | STUDY ABROAD] Sawatdee Kha! So, I got the chance to go to Thailand this summer! Whoo hoo!!!...

Quora: I just started in an ad agency and I'm having difficulty wrapping my head around the difference between strategy and proposition. How do I know whether what I have on my hand is a strategy or a proposition?

[QUORA ANSWER - Ad Agency | Sales | Marketing | Strategy | Proposition] Welcome to the wonderful world of the marketing mix(up)! As for what you have in hand, it depends on if it’s something a company needs to plan and do (stra...

Quora: How do entrepreneurs live without a salary to sustain their families and pay bills?

[QUORA ANSWER - ENTREPRENEURSHIP | SALARY | FAMILY | WORK-LIFE BALANCE] It varies. There is a whole spectrum of entrepreneurs in terms of their resource availability and living conditions while building a business to the poin...

Bone Health Matters More Than You Might Think

[BLOG ARTICLE - HEALTH AND WELLNESS | WOMEN'S HEALTH | BONE HEALTH | OSTEOPOROSIS] When considering health, people tend to think about leading causes of death such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Contrary to common be...

Sexual Health Matters: Understanding Women’s Health and Common Concerns

[BLOG ARTICLE - HEALTH | WOMEN'S REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH | SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION | FEMALE SEXUALITY] Female sexuality is an intimate topic and often associated with stigmas. Unfortunately, that leaves many women too ashamed or embar...

The Vaginal Biome

[BLOG ARTICLE - HEALTH | WOMEN'S REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH | SEXUAL HEALTH | STD] Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is the most common vaginal infection. Every year, one out of three women will get BV, with 84% having no symptoms. However, B...

How to Centralize Data Sources to Enable Cross-Department Collaboration

[BLOG ARTICLE - NONPROFITS | TECHNOLOGY | SOFTWARE | DATA MANAGEMENT | COLLABORATION] Now more than ever, nonprofit leaders are discovering that their organizations need to find ways to make a significant impact with limited re...

5-Step Guide on How to Prepare a Convincing Annual Budget Presentation

[BLOG ARTICLE - BUSINESS FINANCE | FINANCIAL PLANNING | BUDGETING | PRESENTATION DESIGN] Every year, leaders are responsible for creating an annual budget for their department. It’s one thing to grapple with the numbers, but pr...

5 Ways To Build Out Virtual Programming For Your Nonprofit

[BLOG ARTICLE - NONPROFIT MARKETING | FUNDRAISING | DONATIONS | EVENTS | VIRTUAL PROGRAMMING] Nonprofit marketing is a challenge, particularly as it pertains to fundraising. While you’ll have regular donors and supporters that ...

Quora: If an ant is crawling on your arm or leg, why do they sometimes bite? Are they eating or trying to eat your flesh?

[QUORA ANSWER - MEDICAL | ANTS | PEST CONTROL | INSECT BITES | ENTOMOLOGY] Here’s my ANTswer… All ants have claw-like mandibles as mouthparts and are capable of biting, though some might be too small to pierce the skin. When th...

What are the best TV headphones?

[QUORA ANSWER - MEDICAL DEVICES | HEARING HEALTH | HEARING AIDS | HEADPHONES | ELECTRONICS] Trust Me! These May Be the Best Wireless Headphones for TV Ever… Some people, including myself, find it challenging to watch television...

Weekly Content Marketing Trends

[SCRIPTED.COM BLOG ARTICLE - MARKETING | MARKETING TRENDS | CONTENT MARKETING | DIGITAL MARKETING | YOUTUBE] Wow, it’s already November and the holidays are upon us. While we’re getting closer and closer to a new year, there ar...

Scripted Performance Reporting

[SCRIPTED LANDING PAGE - CONTENT MARKETING | WEB ANALYTICS | PERFORMANCE REPORTING | TECHNOLOGY] Scripted Performance Reporting is the quick and easy way to track your content performance. Specific metrics provide deep and valu...

How to Centralize Data Sources to Enable Cross-Department Collaboration

[BLOG ARTICLE - TECHNOLOGY | NONPROFIT | COLLABORATION | DATA CENTRALIZATION] Now more than ever, nonprofit leaders are discovering that their organizations need to find ways to make a significant impact with limited resources....

Hearing Issues: Misophonia or Are You Feeling Grima?

[BLOG ARTICLE - MEDICAL | HEALTH | WELLNESS | DEAF | HEARING AIDS] Have you ever heard sounds that make you irritated, anxious, or downright angry? If so, you may have what’s called misophonia. Many people cringe when hearing c...

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