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Why '90s Fashion is Making a Resurgance -- and How You Can Stop It

by Barbie C.
Overalls, Birkenstocks and other 1990s fashion staples are hot again. This blog post will offer a tongue-in-cheek look at why these trends and resurfacing and how readers can prevent them from gaining popularity.
Barbie C.
Lexington, Kentucky, United States

About Barbie C.

Barbie Carpenter is a seasoned professional writer and editor who has artfully composed tens of thousands of articles, blog posts and retail product descriptions for the web. Her keen eye for detail, straightforward and engaging writing style and superb mastery of the English language are illuminated in every project. With more than a decade of professional writing and editing experience, Barbie is ready to tackle her next writing assignment with creativity, a conversational tone and research-supported facts and figures.